Cancelled - 29kk SP Char with drones and gallente BS

Hello, skills

Gallente BS 5 lvl
Maradeurs 4 lvl
Salvaging 5 lvl
Capital Hybrid Turrent 5 lvl
Heavy Drone Operation 5 lvl
Sentry Dron Interfacing 5 lvl
Drone Interfacing 5 lvl

Currently in Jita IV
Wallet balance 630kk(Selling with 0 balance)
Some cargabe with BS in Apanake

16 bil

Not enough, i see about 30 bil


Your price?

16 bil is good price

Ready for 20 bil

Ignore free bump :wink:

Show you calculation please, that you deleted

I thought it was 20mill sp for some reason, hence the ignore and free bump…

Hm, it’s 23 bil in Jita 4-4. I gonna reskill by extractors

How will you get 23 bil for 48 injectors - 48 extractors?

This is price for ijectors

48 injectors = 28 bil
48 extartors = 14.3 bil
Profit = 13.7 bil

taking into account the tax and commission, it will turn out even less

Your gonna extract and sell SP? I was thinkigs about to extract and inject back for Amarr Maradeurs

I’m not going to sell SP, I want to play with this toon

To get 20kk SP, you must buy 50 injectors for 584kk each and its finally almost 30kkk, right?

What does this have to do with the case?

Just need to decide what i do next