CANCELLED: Cruisers of Eve: 9 day Scandinavia, Russia and Baltic Sea cruise! June 16-25, 2020 out of Copenhagan

I’m organizing a 9 day cruise of Scandinavia, Russia and the Baltic Sea, and inviting everyone to come onboard and join the fun!

This is going to be a pretty long post, because I rather overload you with information then forget something vitally important.

First, I want to apologize for not getting this posted earlier. Between nearly 12 weeks of travel last year, and some stupidly frustrating complications with travel agent laws, rules, regulations, etc. trying to get a single group code and a single method for everyone to book through just got ridiculous, eventually, I gave up on that idea. So, I’ve ended up with one group number for those in the US/Canada (or citizens of), and unfortunately everyone else will need to book through their own travel agent of choice or through their country/regional NCL web site. Details on this are below.

:diamonds: :diamonds: :diamonds: :diamonds: :diamonds: :diamonds: HOW TO BOOK - VERY IMPORTANT! :diamonds: :diamonds: :diamonds: :diamonds: :diamonds: :diamonds:
:diamonds: :diamonds: :diamonds: :diamonds: Be sure you read the rest of this post before booking :diamonds: :diamonds: :diamonds: :diamonds:
:diamonds: :diamonds: :diamonds: :diamonds: :diamonds: for important information, costs, and more
:diamonds: :diamonds: :diamonds: :diamonds: :diamonds:

Updated January 27, 2020:

U.S. residents and citizens can book directly with me - Greygal, aka Laura DiFiore - I became a licensed travel agent last year!

  • If you are wanting a solo studio or inside cabin, you will get a second choice of bonuses (instead of just one choice of bonuses if booking direct with NCL), PLUS $100 onboard credit (or the best currently available deal).

  • If you are wanting oceanview, balcony, or above, you get all four bonuses PLUS $100 onboard credit, (or the best currently available deal).

  • My required license numbers are: Florida Seller of Travel #ST15578, California Seller of Travel #2090937-50, Washington UBID #603189022, Iowa Registered Agent #1202, IATAN #123894

  • To book with me, contact me via discord Greygal#6515, Twitter @Greygal__Eve, email and I’ll answer all your questions and give you my phone number.

  • For your information, the direct Link to this specific cruise for U.S. citizens/residents or those who simply aren’t comfortable booking with me: Direct Link

  • Between now and February 17th, you can book and reserve with just a US$50.00 deposit. Payment in full must be made on or before February 17th. If you book after February 17th, 2020, payment in full is required at time of booking.

IF YOU ARE LIVING IN ANY OTHER COUNTRY, book with your favorite travel agent or through NCL’s web site for your country or region. Select the JUNE 16, 2020 through June 25, 2020 cruise, the ship is the Escape!!

  • For most other countries, you should be able to book and reserve with a deposit ranging between 25 and 250 Euros (varies in each country), with full payment due on or before February 17th. You can, of course, always book after February 17th, with payment in full due at time of booking.

  • For Europeans, I suggest checking both the EU web site and the web site for your specific country (if your specific country has one). Sometimes you get a better price on one than the other.
    EU Continental Web site

  • Link to List of all NCL websites:

  • Link to this cruise for Canadians: Currently, Canadians can book and reserve through their favorite travel agent or NCL’s web site for CN$50.00 deposit per person, with full payment due on or before February 17th, 2020. Of course, you can book after February 17th, with full payment due at time of booking.

  • Link to this cruise for Australians. Currently, NCL Australia’s prices and promotions are nearly identical (after currency exchange) to NCL’s US prices and promotions. (I found only a $2 difference on some cabin types!)

:diamonds: :diamonds: :diamonds: :diamonds: :diamonds: :diamonds: IMPORTANT! :diamonds: :diamonds: :diamonds: :diamonds: :diamonds: :diamonds:
Whether you book through me or through your own travel agent or NCL web site, you will still be a part of our group so long as you contact me and let me know so I can add you to my master group list! I will have a form for you to fill out, so I can get your information and ensure you receive the tshirt, swag, and any other goodies! You can reach me on Discord Greygal#6515 Twitter @Greygal__Eve or via email


When: June 16, 2020 to June 25, 2020

Where: Departs from Copenhagan, Denmark, cruising the Baltic Sea with stops in Warnemunde Germany, Tallinn Estonia, St. Petersburg Russia (2 days!), Helsinki Finland, Stockholm Sweden, then back to Copenhagen. Itinerary below.

Why: Why not! My bucket list ain’t getting any shorter staying at home, neither is yours!

What: We’ll be sailing on the huge NCL ship, the “Norwegian Escape,” which is a mega cruise ship, able to carry over 4,000 people. For those who were on last year’s Alaska cruise, this is a sister ship to the Bliss and very similar. Link to pictures and deck plans:

Along with all the usual fun things to do on a cruise ship, the Escape has a ropes and zip line course, which is included in the fare!

The Norwegian Escape has an onboard casino, of course , and numerous gaming tournaments. Lots of dining, entertainment options including several free shows, swimming, and other options, too!


Costs depend on what type of cabin you select, what country you are in and how you book, and are generally per person, double-occupancy (2 people) per cabin. INCLUDING port fees, service fees, etc., but BEFORE any group credits, promotions, bonuses, etc., the cost per person will range between roughly ~US$1,700.00 to ~US$5,000.00 per person, depending on what cabin you choose.

No matter how you book your reservation, the pay-in-full date is February 17th, 2020, which means if you book after February 17th, 2020, you will need to pay in full at time of booking. If you have booked and need to cancel after February 17th, you may still be eligible for a partial refund. NCL’s refund policies are pretty much the same worldwide, but do check your country/region NCL web site for specifics. Cancellation and refund procedures, policies, and details, main NCL website.

No matter how you book, the following is included:

That’s the lovely Liz, darling Dreydan, and remarkable Rixx Javix sporting Cruisers of Eve: Alaska shirts and lanyards.

Swag: Of course, there will be swag for everyone who joins our cruise!

  • Polo shirt OR zippered sweatshirt hoodie jacket (your choice) with embroidered Cruisers of Eve: Baltic Sea logo! It’ll be 100% cotton polo this time, though, not the polyester ones I got last year hehe (those were just too hot!) Please be aware I’ll be ordering our embroidered polo shirts or jackets on May 11, 2020. If you reserve after May 11, I can’t guarantee I’ll be able to get you a shirt/jacket in time for the cruise. (You’ll still get one, but I may have to get it to you after the cruise).

  • Custom souvenir I.D. tag!

  • Custom souvenir lanyard, with badge reel and ship keycard holder.

  • Custom souvenir lapel pin, of course!

  • I’ll be asking CCP if it’s possible to get skin codes, no guarantee, but I’ll ask!

  • Depending on how many cabins end up booked, I’ll order us more loot and swag!

  • Entry to Tivoli Gardens for the Undock Party in Copenhagen on June 15th.

  • Entry to whatever it is we plan for our stop in Germany.

Important: No matter how you book, please make sure you contact me with your information, so I can include you in my master group list and get you your swag!

ALL FARES INCLUDE: For full details:

  • Meals in the free dining venues
  • Dedicated Kids & Teen (ages 3-17) programming & spaces during at sea days until 10:30 pm and from departure until 10:30 pm during port days
  • Poolside activities
  • Fitness facilities/gym and sports court activities. (Exercise classes are additional charge)
  • Some on board classes/demos/presentations (this varies from cruise to cruise)
  • Use of outdoor pools and hot tubs
  • In-stateroom TV programming (on-demand movies extra)
  • Phone calls onboard the ship (stateroom to stateroom)
  • The ropes/zip line course
  • If you are in a suite, there may be additional amenities/bonuses.

We will also be organizing and including:

  • A casual meetup at Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen on June 15th (open to all Eve players! Tickets available Soon™).
  • A casual G-Fleet meetup/excursion of some type in Warnemude (most likely will be going to the rocket museum in Peenemünde or the castle in Schwerin, more info Soon™)
  • Probably a small meetup of some type in Helsinki
  • Possibly a special group shore excursion
  • Karaoke at least once :smiley:
  • On board pub crawl at least once lol
  • A group dinner at the Teppanyaki restaurant on board (included if you select the specialty dining package as one of your bonuses, or $39.)
  • A group dinner at Moderno Churrascaria, the Brazilian steakhouse restaurant on board (included if you select the specialty dining package as one of your bonuses, $39.
  • Highly likely, authentic medieval lunch at the in Tallin, Estonia.
  • If we have more than 40 people, we can also organize private excursion/tour in St. Petersburg for a discount (ranges between 25% and 40%)
  • Whatever else we can think up that we can squeeze in.

Fares do NOT include port fees (about $173.99 per person), cruise service/gratuity fees ($135.00 per person total), soda pop, casino betting, video arcade, laundry, a few other things. Transportation from your home to and from Copenhagen is NOT included. For full details on what the fare includes and does not include, read this:

Note: If you select the Premium Beverage Package as your booking bonus, that DOES include soda pop. If you don’t want the Premium Beverage Package, you can purchase a separate soda pop drinks package for around $85.

All fares (except the solo single) are per person, double occupancy, that’s 2 people per cabin. If you put 3/4/5/6 people in a cabin, the fare for beyond the first 2 people is lower - roughly 30-60% lower (depends upon the cabin, but they don’t get some of the bonuses.) Sometimes there are promotions where 3/4/5/6th person cruises free and/or for $99.

Inside Cabins:

Some can fit up to 4 (basically bunk beds) VERY FEW inside cabins left. Note the beds can be put together to make one big bed.
Average price starts at ~$1,750 per person plus port fees/taxes/etc.

Updated Feb 2, 2020: SEE POST at end of this thread for latest example U.S. pricing.

Solo Studios:

For single/solo travelers only, limited to 1 person per cabin. Includes digital window and access to the private Studio Lounge and the Single Travelers concierge (handy!) — no single supplement required. Average price is about ~$2,500 with port fees, taxes, etc.

Updated Feb 2, 2020: SEE POST at end of this thread for latest example U.S. pricing.___

Oceanview Room:

Some can hold up to 5 people (basically bunk beds). Has window showing outside, is wee bit larger than the Inside Cabins Windows don’t open. Average price starts about ~$2,100 per person plus port fees/taxes/etc. (Note: Oftentimes you can get a balcony room for not much more than a ocean view.)

Updated Feb 2, 2020: SEE POST at end of this thread for latest example U.S. pricing.

Balcony Cabin:

Up to 4 people. Many cruisers consider balcony rooms to be the best value, as they are larger cabins, have sitting area, and include your own private outside balcony! And sorry, it’s against the rules to smoke on your balcony. Currently, there’s quite a few balcony cabins available. Balcony cabins are currently averaging between $2,100 to $2,800 per person plus port fees/taxes/etc., depending on location on the ship.

Updated Feb 2, 2020: SEE POST at end of this thread for latest example U.S. pricing.

Basically, a larger balcony or mini suite cabins, most hold up to 3 people. They usually have higher quality amenities inside the room. Includes complimentary thermal spa access. All are located on Deck 15. Current price is averaging between $2,770 to $3,250 per person plus port fees/taxes/etc.

Updated Feb 2, 2020: SEE POST at end of this thread for latest example U.S. pricing.

Can fit up to 4 people, are basically larger balcony cabins, and the floor plans vary on these depending on ship location. Rates vary on these, but they start around $2,600 per person (for first two people), plus port fees/taxes/service fees.

Updated Feb 2, 2020: SEE POST at end of this thread for latest example U.S. pricing.

Numerous different layouts, including some that are two room suites. Up to 6 people. Located at the top of the ship, Decks 17 and 18, includes 24-hour butler, concierge and valet service, and private sundeck. Also includes free meals at the private Haven Restaurant. Havens usually include some onboard credit, too (t$100 or more). These START around $4,400 per person for double occupancy, less per person if you have 6 (the max).



  • For US citizens or residents who book with me, if you book a studio or a inside cabin, you will get your choice of TWO bonuses (instead of the usual just one bonus).

  • For US persons booking with me (or any other travel agent or NCL directly) and selecting a balcony or above, you get all four of the bonuses.

  • For US persons booking with me directly, you also receive $100.00 on board credit!

  • For persons in all other countries, in general you will be able to select one bonus for a studio or inside cabin, two bonuses for oceanview, and four bonuses for balcony and above. In some countries (much of Europe), the bonuses are not free, but cost an additional €99 per person for your choice of bonuses. Please check with your travel agent of choice or the NCL web site for your country/region for details.

Regardless of how you book, the bonuses work the same once on board:

  • Premium Beverage Package (for first and second person in each cabin only). Includes unlimited cocktails, various spirits, wines by the glass and bottled or draft beer up to and including $15 in cost (per glass/bottle), and unlimited fountain soda and juices at all bars, lounges, and restaurants. Includes a 20% discount for all bottles of wine purchased on board. If you select this bonus, you will be charged the beverage package gratuity fee of $178.20 per person for the first two people in the cabin (that’s for the entire 9 day cruise). So, if you drink more than 2 or 3 drinks a day, even with the gratuity fee (or bonus package fee if you are in most EU countries), you’re saving a LOT of money. I can say with absolute certainty that those of us with this package on the Alaska cruise definitely, absolutely abused the heck of this! More details:
  • $50.00 Per Port Shore Excursion Credit. Credit is per cabin, so it’d be $50.00 off one excursion per stop. This can be used on any of the excursions booked through NCL. Shore excursion credit is applicable for each port, including debarkation port, and is not transferable to other ports. Use the credit or lose it. This cruise has five ports, so this bonus is valued at about $250.00. Shore excursion credit can only be redeemed by calling 1-866-625-1167 or booking onboard the ship. For the guests that book their excursions online; they are charged full retail for the excursions and the discount will be applied on-board in the form of a credit to their onboard account.
  • Specialty Dining Package* (for first and second person in each cabin): Gives you four meal tickets/credits to be used at the specialty/ala carte restaurants (such as the chocolate bar at Coco’s, Teppanaki, the Brazillian steakhouse, and a few others). If you select this bonus, you get four specialty meals free per person, but do still have to pay the gratuity fee, which is $22.80 total per person (that’s total for all four meals). You can see the various dining rooms here:
    Details/FAQ about the specialty dining package is here:
  • 250-minute Internet package, gives you 250 minutes/1000mb of internet connectivity for use anytime during the cruise. Can be used only on one device at a time, but anyone in your cabin can use it (if you want them to.)

You can reach me on Discord Greygal#6515 Twitter @Greygal__Eve or via email


All times are ship time.

Date Time Happening
Monday, June 15th, 2020: TBA Undock Party/meetup at Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagan, Denmark. Entry is included for those coming on the cruise! For non-cruising EVE players who wish to join us for this fun meetup, I will have ticket information for non-cruisers posted soon (entry to the park is included for cruisers)! I’m aiming for a price point of about $25 for entry to the park and swag. Details soon! (Unfortunately, I can’t afford to buy everyone dinner this time, so everyone will be responsible for their own drinks or food.)
Tuesday, June 16th, 2020 3:30pm MUST be on board ship no later than 3:30pm!
Tuesday, June 16th, 2020 5:00pm Depart Copenhagen
Wednesday, June 17th, 2020 7:30am-10:00pm Warnemunde Shore Excursions There will also be a G-Fleet mini-meetup/excursion planned this day for any who wish to join it. Will probably be going to the rocket museum in Peenemünde or the castle in Schwerin, but not decided yet.
Thursday, June 18th, 2020 All day At sea! Will probably organize a group Teppanyaki dinner and a show this day.
Friday, June 19th, 2020 9:00am - 4:30pm Tallin, Estonia. Shore Excursions Will likely organize authentic medieval meal at (Depending upon how much room they have available, may open this to any Eve player in the area who wants to join us even if they aren’t on the cruise.) Will probably organize the on-board pub crawl this day. Sing Happy Birthday to Liz!
Saturday, June 20th, 2020 7:00am - all day St. Petersburg, Day 1! Shore Excurions
Sunday, June 21st, 2020 all day until 7:00pm St. Petersburg, Day 2! Shore Excurions
Monday, June 22nd, 2020 7:00am-4:00pm Helsinki, Finland. Shore Excursions – Will probably organize a group dinner at Moderno Churrascaria Brazillian steakhouse and a show on this day.
Tuesday, June 23rd, 2020 7:00am-7:00pm Stockholm, Sweden Shore Excursions
Wednesday, June 24th, 2020 All day At sea! Will probably arrange a meeting room for us to play card/RP games or something else this day.
Thursday, June 25th, 2020 7:00am Arrive back in Copenhagen, I promise no tears on undocking (yea right!)

I’m sure I’m forgetting something, and when I remember what I forgot, I’ll update this post, and I’ll also reserve the next spot for additional information regarding anything else we happen to come up with, special group milestones, etc.

If you have any questions, please feel free to post here in this thread, or poke me on Discord Greygal#6515 or Twitter @Greygal__Eve or email

Please also feel free to join the Cruisers of Eve Discord channel! Lots of experienced cruisers there who can answer the most esoteric of questions!

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I’ll post information regarding St. Petersburg, Russia, and how the visa situation works here. Short version: So long as you are part of an organized tour/excursion with a licensed (through Russia) tour operator, you do NOT need to get a visa, as the tour operator will handle that for you. As an FYI, any shore excursions in St. Petersburg that are booked through NCL are “organized and licensed”.

(need to update this with the full details, and links to those two tour operators I found that are good value).


Can I bring the kids?

  • YES!

Do I need a passport?

  • YES. Even those in the EU, even if you don’t intend to disembark in Russia, you are strongly advised to bring your passport.

Do I need a visa for anything?

  • It depends, but for the most part, no. If you are a part of an EU/etc. country, from US, Canada, or any other country that is not required to have a visa to enter the EU, you won’t need a visa to board the ship and disembark in all ports except Russia.

  • In Russia, however, :diamonds: you CAN NOT disembark the ship UNLESS you are part of an organized NCL excursion or licensed tour provider’s group, OR you have a Russian visa (or citizen/resident of Russia). You can disembark without a visa so long as you are part of a excursion or tour, as the excursion/tour provider handles all entry requirements for you on your behalf. :diamonds:

Is this a CCP event?

  • Nope, this is completely a player-organized and player-run event. Of course, I am hoping some CCPers decide to join the cruise and just flat-out vacation!

Will there be any presentations or reveals or anything like that?

  • I’m not currently planning any presentations or anything like that, I really want this to be primarily all about everyone just relaxing and enjoying themselves; I expect most will want to spend their days exploring and enjoying shore excursions, too. Having said that… if you have an idea, feel free to chat with me about it, never know what we might tickle the fancy of us all :wink:

  • Having said that, we ARE planning some fun together times which anyone on the cruise can join in with, such as a group dinners at the teppanyaki and Brazilian steakhouse, going to shows together, Cards Against Humanity, probably an authentic Medieval lunch in Estonia, maybe even some DnD or other RP game time.

  • :exclamation: We are also co-planning mini meetups open to any EVE player who wants to come in Copenhagen on June 15th (the “undock party”), a G-Fleet organized mini meetup in Warnemunde, and a FinFleet organized mini meetup in Helsinki. These mini-meetups will probably be something as simple as “hey, we’re going to XYZ pub, come hang out!” or maybe something more complex. I’ll update this forum post and tweet when we know more. :exclamation:

Question! If I’m reading those perks correctly, we get unlimited booze? Do you think the cruise ship will have enough for EVE nerds?

  • To be specific, YES, you get unlimited booze IF you choose that as one of your bonuses. It’s unlimited booze valued at $15 and under, spirits, cocktails, draft and most bottled beers, glasses of wine, soda, etc., you get discount on bottles of wine, and credit (I think it’s $12?) towards drinks that are greater than $15. I did actually ask, “what happens if you run out of alcohol?” Answer was “I don’t think that’s ever happened, but if it does, we would just restock.” It should be noted they tend to restock the ship at most every port. All the details on the Unlimited Beverage Package

I don’t drink alcohol but I am addicted to soda pop. I see soda pop isn’t included in the base fare. Do I have to pick the Unlimited Beverage Package in order to get unlimited soda? That seems like a waste!

  • Nope! You can separately purchase the “Adult & Teen Soda Program (ages 13 & older)” for US$7.95 per day, plus 20% gratuity. Works out to $88 total for the entire trip.

What if I invite some non-Eve friends to come? Can I bring my non-Eve-playing significant other/spouse? Can I get them in the group?

  • YES! You can bring people you know, even if they don’t play Eve! The more the merrier!

Is there a dress code?

  • Overall, NCL cruises don’t have an explicit dress code, and reasonably neat, clean, common-sense casual clothing is the norm. There are some exceptions for safety purposes (such as closed-toe shoes on the ropes/zip line course), no nude sunbathing, and some special events are designated formal or semi-formal. You can read more about their “come as you are” policy (along with some packing suggestions) by clicking here .

Age Limits

  • Drinking is limited to those 21 years of age or older.
  • Gambling in the casino is limited to those 18 years of age or older.


  • Marijuana (including medical) is not permitted to be brought onto the ship and/or consumed in any form :wink: . Tobacco cigarettes may only be smoked in designated smoking areas (Deck 17 smoking area, the smoking area of the casino and any other designated smoking lounge. This includes electronic cigarettes.
  • Note cigarette smoking is not permitted in the cigar bar (and technically, cigar smoking is not permitted in the casino and cigarette smoking areas, although that didn’t seem to be strongly enforced at times.)
  • :diamonds: Be advised you are not allowed to smoke in any cabin OR on any balcony. $250 cleaning fee will be charged to your account.

Accessibility Information:

Port of Copenhagen Info

  • is the official website for the Copenhagen port. Current information is that we will use Quay C331 (Oceankaj)
  • Address according to NCL is Containervej 9, P.O. Box 900, DK-2100 Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Link to port on Google Maps
  • As is true of anything, this is SUBJECT TO CHANGE, so be sure to verify a few days before the cruise!
  • There is usually some sort of cruise bus transit provided by NCL between the airport, some locations in downtown, and the pier, but I don’t have details on that yet.

Yay, Greygal! I’m finally free of my promise to nag you about this!

As a side benefit, you’ll be cruising with EVE’s only known professional Failpilot, and you won’t even have to put up with me in Warnemünde, because I’ll be working my way down to the tiny town of Eickelberg, where the Warspite line lived in the late 1700s and early 1800s.

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So… what’s it like cruising with Eve players?

A ton of fun, remarkably relaxing and oddly cozy (in all the best feel-good agape love ways)! Most each day on the Alaska cruise, we all went off to spend the day whatever way we wanted to, then tended to gather and share our day, then break off into different squads to enjoy the evening, then regroup in different ways again … it was kind of like we were one big fleet with multiple squads that continuously changed formation and systems just to rejoin the main fleet here and there :smiley: Everyone free to explore and fly around as they pleased, yet knowing at any time they wanted, there was a friendly known face to hang with, people doing something they would be welcome to join in, no expectations, total acceptance!

Being able to just be ourselves, not our Eve personas, to get to know and bond with the everyone and the families and friends that joined was beyond priceless.

We also totally owned the smoking area and a portion of the observation deck :smiley: Other people may have moved to another part of the ship during Our Cards Against Humanity game … :wink: … and we totally seized and captured the card/library room during an epic role playing game that I have completely forgotten the name of the game, but will never forget playing it with everyone. (Edit: Othello says it was Starfinder). Or how one by one, others in the room just packed up and left lolol!! It’s not that we were obnoxious or anything like that … they just felt like they were the invaders of our space! (Or maybe we were just too enthusiastic about attacking and killing each others characters…)

The Cruisers of Eve: Alaska group was 33 people strong… and over and over again, other people on the ship commented to me how much fun they thought we were, how they enjoyed us and our presence, and especially when I real-life meta-gamed a particularly obnoxious person in the smoking area out of the area! People thought our group was much larger than it really was, and twice, someone asked me if we were some sort of church group because of the whole EVE thing … lol! I did start to talk about the Space Pope to the second person, but they had to go refill their drink and never did come back …

Dreydan Trovirr put together this video that, at least for me, really captured the entire experience in so many ways, from our undock party in Seattle to Rahne winning the boys vs. girls game show!

To say I am excited to cruise with my Eve family again is an understatement. I hope you can join!

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I’ve added some example prices/price breakdown for some categories of cabins for US citizen/resident bookings. All are as of January 21, 2020, assume you are selecting unlimited alcohol bonus, specialty dining bonus, double occupancy (except solo studio), and include all the various port fees, taxes, gratuities, etc. Note my samples aren’t necessarily the least expensive cabin price for each type of cabin, but the most commonly selected cabin category/location on ship. Your actual price may/will vary some, depending on where cabin is located, any discounts you may have available to you, etc.

For most European passengers, the price breakdown I list above in the example pricings is very similar to what you would be charged, although it’d be Euros, and you may have to pay 99 euro to get choice of 2/3/4 bonuses, depending on what country you live in/promotions available to you, etc.

Ahh, Baltic Sea, great choice :slight_smile:

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I’ve added a FAQ to the third post (the “reserved” post), and link to NCL’s Australia web site.

So far, we have 17 people booked, and another 6 who are working on booking their cruise!

Too bad, my Wallet says “No!”.
But i will be @Warmemünde, to have a nice day with you guys. :slight_smile: :star_struck:

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Sad you can’t make it, but glad we’ll be seeing you in Warmemunde! We - well, actually, the fabulous Irma Amatin and Tairon Usaro of G-Fleet - are exploring and plotting several ideas for a mini-meetup in or near Warmemünde … possibly even the rocket museum not far from there. We should have exactly what we’re planning in Warmemünde sorted no later than May, but hopefully much sooner! :heart:

Updated original post to add that anyone booking through me will now also get $100 onboard credit!

Minor change above - the gratuity fee for those who select the specialty dining package as a bonus is $22.80, not $18.80. NCL raised it a month or so ago and I didn’t realize it. Oops!

I’ve updated the original post with bit of info about the Undock Party/Meetup in Copenhagen:

Undock Party/meetup at Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagan, Denmark. Entry is included for those coming on the cruise! For non-cruising EVE players who wish to join us for this fun meetup, I will have ticket information posted soon! I’m aiming for a price point of about $25 for entry to the park and swag. Details soon! (Unfortunately, I can’t afford to buy everyone dinner this time, so everyone will be responsible for their own drinks or food.)

As of February 1st, 2020, NCL’s current promotional rates have changed from ~$200-$500 off per person, to 30% off on most fares and cabins. Of course, the base cabin rate has also changed, funny how that went down but total rate went up a bit on most cabin types :smiley:

Below are some example prices as of February 2, 2020. These are not necessarily the lowest possible cost for each cabin category, but instead, the price for the most commonly selected cabin type (mid ship usually) in each cabin category. You can save $100-$500 if you select cabins that are more towards the front or back of the ship, or if you go for a “GTY” (guarantee) fare, which is a fare where you are guaranteed the particular cabin category you book (or higher!), but your actual cabin won’t be assigned until later (generally assigned after February 17th).

Note: I still have a small number of balconies and mini-suites blocked in the group at the January promotional rate, which I’ll have until February 10th.

All of the examples below assume you are selecting the premium beverage package (unlimited alcohol) and 4-meal specialty dining package as two of your booking bonuses, both of which have additional gratuities associated with them ($178.20 gratuity charged for alcohol bonus, $22.80 for dining bonus).

Everyone who books with me also gets $100 on-board credit. Everyone who books for this cruise no matter how you book gets the swag bag and entry to the Undock Party at Tivoli Gardens, Copenhagen the day before we cruise! (So long as you let me know you are coming on the cruise, that is!)


Any questions, just ask!

Updated OP to clarify that entry to Tivoli Gardens for the Undock Party/meetup on June 15th is included for cruisers, and that entry to whatever it is we plot for the day we are in Germany is also included.

Speaking of our stop in Germany on June 17th, those who aren’t going on the cruise will be welcome to join us on our excursion! We’re still in plotting and planning on this, but are seriously considering spending the day in Peenemünde going to the rocket museum there, and maybe explore some of the other historical sites there (submarine!) If you are not going on the cruise, but might be interested in this, please answer this poll I put up on Twitter:

Here’s the link to NCL’s announcements regarding their Coronavirus mitigation efforts:

They will update that regularly.

Of most import to our cruise is:

  • Any guest that holds a Chinese, Hong Kong, or Macau passport, will be unable to board any of our ships, regardless of residency.
  • Guests who have traveled from, visited or transited via airports in China, including Hong Kong and Macau, within 30 days of their voyage embarkation, regardless of nationality, will not be allowed to board any of our vessels.

It is not known at this time if this policy will still be in effect when our cruise boards on June 16th, 2020, but for now, it’s probably a good idea to not travel in/out of China within 30 days of boarding.

I bet the washy-washy staff is going to be even more persistent than ever! :smiley:

Woohoo! With much thanks and love to @Rixx_Javix for creating this cruise’s Cruisers of Eve logo! It’s going to look so awesome on all the swag I’m getting us!!

this time, I can even name the ship in the picture while on-board! (the fact that I practically live in one of those is another matter)
Last time… well, I wouldn’t want to set the stage for any insane coincidences. I have some history with water-borne vessels and coincidences.

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Starting to see some pricing changes, as all the groups from Asia/China have cancelled and the group blocks open up. Most notably, inside cabins have decreased in price ~$360. and solo studios have dropped ~$200 in price. Mini-suites (with the good balconies) have gone up $98, but I have two mini-suites still available in the group block that are about $300 less in price, however, they have the small balconies. Regular balcony cabins are down about $98, but there are a few balconies that are all the way in the back of the ship that are about $200 less, if you don’t mind being at the back of the boat.

You can still reserve a cabin on this cruise, but payment is usually due at time of booking. Some cabin reservations can be held for 1-3 days, ask me if you need information. I still have some extra $100 on board credits available, too :smiley:

If you have booked directly with NCL or through another travel agent, please let me know so I can include you on the group list and get you your swag, entry to the Undock Party at Tivoli, etc.!

Below are some example prices as of February 19, 2020. These are not necessarily the absolute lowest possible cost for each cabin category, but instead, the price for the most commonly selected cabin type (mid ship usually) in each cabin category. You can save $100-$500 if you select cabins that are more towards the front or back of the ship, or if you go for a “GTY” (guarantee) fare, which is a fare where you are guaranteed the particular cabin category you book (or higher!), but your actual cabin may not be assigned for several days or weeks.

All of the examples below assume you are selecting the premium beverage package (unlimited alcohol) and 4-meal specialty dining package as two of your booking bonuses, both of which have additional gratuities associated with them ($178.20 gratuity charged for alcohol bonus, $22.80 for dining bonus).


Yes, this cruise is still on, at least for now! Who knows what the future will bring?

Earlier today, NCL changed their cancellation policy so that anyone booked on any cruise through mid September may cancel their cruise up to 48 hours before sailing, and receive a future cruise credit equal to the total amount they paid for their cruise (including excursions, amenities, etc.) that can be used on any cruise through 2022.

It appears that NCL is still giving full refunds on sailings that are cancelled by NCL, so should this sail date be cancelled by NCL, a full refund will automatically be issued.

If you are interested in coming on this cruise but have not booked, my suggestion is to NOT book yet. Wait until the last week or so before the sailing. Why? Well, for one thing, prices will be REALLY low at that point on inside cabins, and probably very low for other cabins, and if there have been any itinerary changes due to Covid19, those will be known by then.

My suggestion for anyone wanting to go on ANY cruise - not just this one - is to wait till the last minute to book (and don’t book onto the Princess Diamond, that ship’s cursed). You may not get your preferred cabin, but you will pay much lower price, you will know if that particular ship had Covid confirmed on it during prior/recent sailings, be informed as to any itinerary changes, and probably get lots of extra onboard credit, too :wink:

Along with denying boarding to anyone who has a passport from and/or recent travel through China, Hong Kong, Macau, South Korea, Iran, or any municipality in Italy subject to lockdown (quarantine) measures by the Italian Government, and other hot zones subject to change, NCL is doing medical screenings as you board. Anyone with a fever of or above 100.4F / 38C will be denied boarding. Anyone denied boarding for medical reasons will be given a full future cruise credit in the amount of what was paid for their cruise.

Throughout all cruises through at least July, while on board, any guest or crew member who exhibits symptoms of any respiratory illness, flu-like symptoms, cough or a fever above 100.4F/38C will be subject to additional screening at the ship’s Medical Center and may be subject to potential quarantine and disembarkation.

I know cruising sounds scary right now… but out of the more than 900 sailings worldwide since mid January, there have been only two cruise ships that have had multiple confirmed Covid infections (Grand Princess and Diamond Princess), and one ship had only one person confirmed (MS Westerdam). Realistically, this WILL change, there is no denying that. The virus is pretty much everywhere now. Obviously, we each have to decide risk for ourselves, and take all necessary and sensible precautions.


Obviously, I have not posted/announced full details on this planned meetup/gathering, or put tickets up for sale on it, as originally planned. While Denmark has banned gatherings of greater than 1,000 people, Denmark still has very low numbers of confirmed Covid cases, and as Tivoli is closed every year for the month of March, I do not know how this ban affects places like Tivoli Gardens.

I have decided that instead of setting this up as a full-on meetup, with tickets to buy in advance, instead, I’m just going to change it to a “Hey guys, we’re going to be here, come join us if you want to!” kind of casual thing, and announce the details in full shortly beforehand (most likely one to two weeks before).

As of today, March 6, 2020, the plan still is to go to Tivoli Gardens on June 15th. As everything is in a state of flux, I have decided I won’t be buying group tickets in advance, and instead, everyone who decides to go will just buy a ticket at the entrance. It’s only a $2 difference between group discount and full price, but just makes better sense to do it this way.

However, there just is no way at this point in time for me to know if Tivoli Gardens will be open on June 15th - there’s no way for me to know anything right now!

So assuming our sail date has not been cancelled, and Tivoli Gardens is open, we’ll have our meetup there, and if Tivoli Gardens is closed, then we will pick some other place, and if the sail date has been cancelled by NCL, then there won’t be a meetup, or if some of us happen to already be in Denmark when the sail date is cancelled, we’ll figure out something then.

I’m taking the same approach for our other originally planned mini-meetups in Germany, Sweden, Estonia, etc. In other words, not actually planning anything and instead, will simply announce shortly beforehand, “Hey, we’re going to be here, come meet up with us if you want!” and play things by ear.

Here’s hoping the world gets a little less crazy for all of us, soon! :heart: Any questions, just ask!