[Event] Carnival at Moisant, Octanneve V


Following the success of the CRAFT Bar & Grill grand opening, and its continuing favor among capsuleers, Clan Licei has opted to open our Carnival celebrations to the general capsuleering public.

During the Carnival season, our clan celebrates the re-emergence of our ancestral spirits, to put it simply. However, the events themselves tend to be very secular. They mostly consist of parties, parades, and feasts.

Moisant’s Carnival began on January 6, and it culminates on Mardi Gras Day, which will be Tuesday, February 25 according to the Yulai calendar. As we get closer to the 25th, more festivities are held. So from February 15 to the 25th, visitors will be welcome to arrive planetside to take part in the festivities.

Shuttles to Octanneve will be provided, as we are on a highsec island and I don’t recommend either of the pipes leading in unless you know the area well. Also, we realize Solitude is a long way from everywhere.

Moisant’s hotels, bars, shopping centers, and other attractions will be available at all times. We do ask that you forgive the numerous construction projects that you’ll see around town; we are still recovering from the effects of multiple out-of-season hurricanes. But we do have a fully functional town center, which will provide you with entertainment, restaurants, and transportation all within a couple of blocks of your hotel.

As the point of this is to encourage growth through tourism, we highly encourage visitors to spend well, tip waitstaff, and donate to the Octanneve V recovery directly. You’ll also have opportunities to donate to refugees of Vevelonel V, our Solitude neighbors.

There will be a few events specifically for capsuleers, which I’ll list below. Please note that Clan Licei will only grant visas through the duration of Carnival plus four days. We are still unable to accept outside refugees or new residents.

Moisant Carnival (Guacara)
Who: Open to everyone
What: Moisant’s annual Carnival celebration
Where: Moisant, Atchafalaya Archipelago, Octanneve V, Solitude
When: February 15-25, YC121
Why: Contributing to the rebuilding and redevelopment of Moisant and Octanneve V
How: Arrive by shuttle; stay at local hotels, attend local events

Specific events:

Carnival Parade Viewing and Cabaret Party

Who: Open to everyone
What: A “traditional” gathering for a Carnival weekend. Watch the Krewe Pay-per-view parade from the hotel’s balconies and enjoy decadent refreshments and late-night entertainment. Afterparty at Line of Sight Nightclub.
Where: Bohio Cibucan and nearby streets, Moisant
When: Saturday, February 15 at 20:00
Why: Because Carnival.

Moisant Sunday Dinner at CRAFT

Who: By invitation only
What: A thank-you dinner at CRAFT with lots of Moisant trappings.
Where: CRAFT Bar & Grill, Tebu Amkhiman
When: Sunday, February 16 at 20:00
Why: To show our appreciation to our allies.

Square House Rebuilding Effort

Who: Open to everyone
What: Get your hands dirty and help Square House put the finishing touches on some rebuilt residences. Snacks provided.
Where: Uptown Moisant–board shuttles at Bohio Cibucan
When: TBA, during the week of Feb 17-21
Why: Rehouse members of Clan Licei and other refugees.

Mambi Vineyards Wine and Spirits Tasting

Who: Matari capsuleers and allies
What: Wine and spirits exchange. BYOL to share with others.
Where: Mambi Vineyards Tasting Room (Vakir, Republic Fleet Logistic Support)
When: Saturday, February 22 at 20:00
Why: In hopes of making new friends.

Moisant Carnival Masquerade Ball

Who: Open to everyone
What: Masked and costumed ball. Elaborate, bespoke costumes are encouraged.
Where: Bohio Cibucan, Moisant
When: Tuesday, February 25 at 21:00
Why: To celebrate the last night of Guacara Carnival.

We hope to see you all at any of these events.

Please also take a look at these related notes.

In brightest morning,
Astaire Irawakeri Quatrevaux, PhD
Custodian, Moisant
CEO, Viavant

EDIT: The hotel we recommend for guests is Bohío Cibucan. It’s a large property with balconies for enjoying the parades, a grand ballroom, and spacious but private rooms.


So, are you required to dress up for this event?

Not required. We recommend wearing something fun for the first event (the parade viewing), and we recommend either ball attire or costume for the last event (the masquerade), but it’s all just for fun.

Very well, then I shall wear something fun and exciting if I make it there.


I shall endeavor to attend as many of the events as I can, though February isn’t looking any less busy than my January thus far.


@Utari_Onzo looks like fun!

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I can’t say I’ve seen enough of this culture after my first exposure to it was very pleasant, so I will try to be there for at least part of the carnival.

Could you recommend a decent hotel? I don’t mind if it’s a simple one, and I prefer a good location with a balcony or window on or close to Bohio Cibucan over luxuries. I would like a discreet and trustworthy proprietor and staff, but that is a secondary concern.

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My apologies, Ché—Bohío Cibucan is itself a hotel. I should have clarified that in my first post. That’s the location we’re recommending that visitors use, given that it and its surrounding area have already been fully rebuilt and renovated. The staff are polite but discreet, and the rooms are spacious but offer a great deal of privacy.

I can recommend some nearby inns if you’d prefer something smaller, but I expect the Cibucan should meet everyone’s needs.

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This looks like fun!


A reminder that the first Carnival event is tomorrow, 15 February, starting at 20:00. This is a parade viewing (Krewe Pay-per-view will be performing) and party, with an additional afterparty once the parade is over.

We recommend viewing the parade from the balcony of Bohio Cibucan, the primary hotel. It’s tradition for each performing group (brass bands, dancers, etc) to stop and perform for a minute or two in front of the Cibucan, so being at the hotel will more or less guarantee that you’ll get to see everything.

We do have shuttles operating to and from Octanneve V; you can request a shuttle from just about anywhere. Bohio Cibucan has plenty of accommodations available for capsuleers. Light refreshments will be provided, and there are quite a few restaurants and shopping plazas in the area if you’re looking for full meals.

Here are the particulars of this first event:

Who: Open to everyone
What: A “traditional” gathering for a Carnival weekend. Watch the Krewe Pay-per-view parade from the hotel’s balconies and enjoy decadent refreshments and late-night entertainment. Afterparty at Line of Sight Nightclub.
Where: Bohio Cibucan and nearby streets, Moisant
When: Saturday, February 15 at 20:00
Why: Because Carnival.

Additionally, on Sunday, 16 February, we’ll have a Sunday Dinner at CRAFT, at the Tebu Amkhiman in Tanoo. This event is open to all allies of Viavant and/or Corovid Industries. I was supposed to have sent out invitations, but I didn’t; that’s on me. I apologize for the oversight.

You’re an ally if you have formal “blue” standings with one or both corporations, if you’ve assisted in the rebuilding of Moisant, or if you’ve generally worked with one or both corporations before. If you’re unsure, feel free to ask, or, honestly, just show up. We only plan to turn away “reds”, and the individuals who are red to us know who they are. (If I’ve yelled at you on these forums, you are not necessarily red.)

Additionally, if you’d like to establish or repair blue standings with us, you’re welcome to attend.

Those particulars:

Who: By invitation only If you’re not red, you can show up.
What: A thank-you dinner at CRAFT with lots of Moisant trappings.
Where: CRAFT Bar & Grill, Tebu Amkhiman
When: Sunday, February 16 at 20:00
Why: To show our appreciation to our allies.

There’s no dress code for either of these events. I’d recommend casual or business casual. For the parade viewing, you’ll probably want to be comfortable. You’re also welcome to dress up in costume for that one. The dinner is at a bar and grill, so it’s also casual-ish.

The next event would be the Square House building activity, which will be on Thursday, 20 February and start at 18:00. I’ll post more details closer to the day.

Finally, here are a few extra notes.

Don’t forget to check the first post for the rest of the events, as we have plans scheduled through the 25th. We hope you will attend and enjoy any of these events.


The parade is underway and should arrive at Bohio Cibucan on time. If you’re planning to attend, please meet us in Moisant.

Other Details:

(( CRAFT Bar OOC can be used for OOC chatter. ))

Break In Case Of Chat Fire:

(( Ramijanawa Discord ))

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Thank you very much for the invitation! The parade was lovely, and I wanted to thank you and yours for the hospitality you showed.


We were very happy to have you and the other capsuleers who attended! You were all a shining example of good conduct and great cheer.

Also, Archbishop, I’m very sorry you got beaned in the head with a bag of beads, but you handled it astonishingly well.

Tomorrow (Sunday) will, of course, be the dinner for allies, at CRAFT Tebu starting at 20:00. We hope to treat as many guests as can make it to a wonderful Moisant feast.


Having to deal with a flying bag of beads is temporary. Having an entire bag of beads afterwards is forever!

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Time for another reminder, this one for the events coming up this week.

Tomorrow (Thursday) is the Square House Rebuilding Effort. This will be a more active event, as attendees will be helping to put the finishing touches on a rebuilt house. Dress very casually, i.e. in clothes you won’t mind getting paint on. The event will start at 20:00.

On Saturday, Mambi Vineyards will host a wine and spirits tasting. This event is specifically for Matari loyalist capsuleers. It will be held at the Mambi Vineyards Tasting Room aboard the Republic Fleet Logistic Support station at Vakir, in Pator. If you have a favorite drink, feel free to bring enough of it to share. Doors open at 20:30, event starts at 21:00. Business casual.

Tuesday night will be the end of Carnival, and our customary masked ball will be open to everyone. This will be at Moisant on Octanneve V, at the Bohio Cibucan. I’ll post with additional information closer to the day. Doors at 20:30, event at 21:00.

Formal wear is required, but we highly recommend dressing up in costume for the ball. Masks are optional but traditional. There’s no real theme, but the purpose behind the ball–and Carnival overall–is to celebrate the cycle of birth, death, and rebirth. Later on I’ll see if I can find some photos of costumes from past balls to offer a bit of inspiration.


Wow, this is just around the corner. This sounds like a lot of fun :slight_smile:


As you possibly are aware already, there is sadly a major complication with the timing, and for what I guess is a big portion of the intended audience.

I swear Fate has something against fun.


Hang tight, I’m looking into it. We may reschedule.

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Okay, we are in fact going to postpone the wine-tasting. We should decide on a new date before the weekend is out. Until then, if you have any preferences or suggestions for a new date, feel free to mention it here.

The next and final Carnival event, the masquerade ball, is still set to go on as scheduled (Tuesday at 21:00).

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Oh no, I was just on my way… bad news … I think I’ll kill the bottles of ale with my crew than o7