[VIAVA] Statement Regarding Vevelonel Crisis and Octanneve V


Octanneve V has recently experienced a rush of refugees from the civil war occurring in Vevelonel.

We in Moisant do not have many details on the happenings in Vevelonel. Nor are we certain why they have chosen Octanneve V to flee to, as Octanneve V has famously been dealing with the fallout from severe hurricanes that developed across the planet last September.

Currently we are dealing with a fresh rash of storms that are causing further destruction of property and displacement of individuals who had just returned to their homes a month ago.

A preemptive clarification: When I say “we”, I’m referring to the leadership of Moisant, not the entire planet. Moisant is a single city (albeit a large one) on the Atchafalaya Archipelago near the equator. We are a series of tiny specks on the surface. We know that the storms have impacted the continents as well, but do not have the clearance to speak for their governments.

However, we can say this for Moisant:

We do not have the ability to support refugees.

Our own people are still scattered amongst the stars. Those who were able to return to Moisant just had to evacuate again. We’re low on supplies, and we don’t have much housing.

Mata (Clan Chief) Kaya Licei has stated that the current arrivals from Vevelonel can stay if they engage in volunteer work to help Moisant with rebuilding. If they opt out, they will be sent to other continents or to the Sisters of EVE station in orbit.

Furthermore, as of 20:00 today, we will not accept further refugees. We do not wish to simply turn away people in need, so Viavant has arranged a shuttle service to take refugees to Octanneve II, where some of our contacts have set up a similar work-for-shelter agreement.

Our hearts go out to the people of Vevelonel, as we can certainly relate to their hardships. But the reality is that we cannot handle more than we have already been dealt.

We wish you safety, shelter, and good health.

Dr. Astaire Quatrevaux
Custodian, Moisant, Octanneve V
written with Mata Kaya Licei and Mata Licoqi Licei

As noted in today’s Scope:

  • BREAKING : President Jacus Roden Announces Successful Rescue of Civilian Government of Vevelonel V by Federal Marines

  • BREAKING : Braille District Gendarmes Arrest Vevelonel V Colonial Militia Officers Following Daring Rescue Operation

  • BREAKING : President Roden also Signs Executive Order for Enhanced Disaster Relief and Resettlement Finance in Octanneve System

For our part, Clan Licei is deeply grateful to President Roden and his government for their attention to the pressing needs of not only the people of Moisant, but all of Octanneve V and throughout the system.

We are also greatly cheered to hear of the rescues and arrests made on Vevelonel V. We hope that these decisive actions will pave the way for stability and prosperity for our Solitude neighbors and fellow refugees.

At this time, Clan Licei has provided for the shelter of some 5,825 refugees from Vevelonel, whether on Moisant (the fewest) or by referring them to the services of our allies and partners.

Moisant weathered the fresh battery of storms last week, although this is largely due to our ability to evacuate more efficiently and the fact that much of our infrastructure was still damaged or destroyed by the original September storms.

We hope to hold a fundraiser to support our rebuilding as well as Vevelonel’s in the near future. More information will be available soon.

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