[.CVD.] Monitoring Moisant, Octanneve V, Solitude


As you’ve now doubtless read, the region of Solitude has experienced a total collapse of their Federal FTL comms networks. Regretfully, I must confirm that the city of Moisant, recently host to a number of events celebrating their Carnival season, is very much subject to this comms blackout. We have lost all contact with our peers in Moisant.

A bit of background: Corovid Industries has had ties with Moisant for a while now, as we have a data center on the planet. Those ties grew stronger after the recent storms that devastated Moisant; we played a role in the city’s recovery.

The data center took itself offline when Solitude’s comms grid went down, and we have not been able to establish contact with it nor with anyone on the surface. I’m sorry to report that this includes Astaire Quatrevaux and Tessande Falconer. Both chiefs of Clan Licei, Kaya and Licoqi Licei, were in Moisant as well.

We have no information on what caused the comms blackout or on the current state of Octanneve V. We only know that three of the four listed individuals have reliable backups offworld and none of those backups have been activated yet.

Corovid is monitoring the situation. We are planning to travel out to Octanneve to attempt to reestablish comms. (Our company specializes in comms technology, among other things.) Safety is a concern when traversing the pipes into Solitude at the best of times, not to mention when the Federation has suffered a number of attacks in mere hours. If you are interested in assisting us, please reach out to me via evemail or direct message for more details.

We understand that the Federation is sending technicians out to set up provisional relays as well. If the situation improves over the next day or so, then we’ll cancel our expedition.

Please keep the well-being of our colleagues and peers in your hearts.

In darkest night,
Melisma Ramijozana
Co-Chair, Corovid Industries
Cadet Chief, Clan Ramijozana


Update: I’m happy to report that we are now back in contact with Moisant. Everyone there is fine, apart from Astaire being very pissed.

Our data center did sustain damage along with other planetary installations on Octanneve V and throughout the Federation. Viavant technicians were already working to repair and recover, as well as look for clues as to what or who caused the blackout in the first place.

To that end, we’ll no longer need to travel out to Octanneve, aside from small-scale Corovid expeditions that are more or less in line with usual business.

Thank you to everyone who offered their support of Moisant and our peers.


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