Humanitarian Relief for Octanneve V

On 28 September YC121, a hurricane struck the island archipelago of Atchafalaya on Octanneve V in Solitude.

It was one of six hurricanes to form on the planet’s surface due to the arrival of unseasonable warming, an abundance of hydrocarbons and other compounds in the atmosphere, and other potential influences.

The hurricane’s effect on Atchafalaya was devastating. Nearly everything aside from the capital city, Moisant, was levelled, and Moisant is little better. Many of the islands in the archipelago were completely deforested. Some of them no longer exist at all.

We can now report that as of yesterday at 2300, the area had 3,761 lives lost, as well as several tens of thousands of people still unaccounted for. The city’s leadership was able to implement its hurricane evacuation plan despite the very short notice, which likely saved thousands of lives.

Moisant was home to about 400,000 people, most of them Krusual refugees. Most of those who were able to escape no longer have homes to return to. Those who are still in the area face various illnesses, lack of access to food and shelter, and little certainty regarding the fate and location of their loved ones.

The capsuleer corporations Viavant and Corovid Industries have been managing the rescue and relief effort for Moisant. It’s a monumental task. So far we have been attempting to rescue and recover victims while also treating illnesses and injuries. We’re facing an uphill battle to help the city rebuild.

If you can help, and are interested in helping, we are now able to accept donations of goods such as food, water, building materials, and medicines. You may also reach out to me or @Melisma_Ramijozana with other ideas or with questions.

Dr. Astaire Quatrevaux
CEO, Viavant


With permission, I would like to make every effort to provide humanitarian relief in accordance with your organizations. Please contact me with a list of what you might need that I can provide.


Happy to help as well. What else is needed?


I will coordinate with Archbishop Baracca to channel the help I can provide effectively.


Thank you to each of you. Permission is granted; any participants are welcome to operate out of Viavant’s office at the Sisters of EVE station above Octanneve V.

Here is a general list of what we still need:

  • Medical supplies (antibiotics, certain vaccines, volunteer doctors and nurses, etc)
  • Food and water (whether already prepared such as MREs and frozen foodstuffs, or items to use in preparation such as wheat, dairy products, fish and livestock, etc)
  • Building materials (bricks, woods, minerals, industrial fabrics, anything that can help build temporary shelters)
  • General electronics (computers, datapads, planetary vehicles, and other consumer or miniature electronics to be used for communications and recordkeeping)
  • Volunteers on the ground–medical staff, construction workers, scientists, etc. All should have updated immunizations.

Supplies can be contracted to us at the trade hubs in Hek or Rens, at the Federal Navy Assembly Plant in Stacmon, or at our offices on the Tebu Amkhiman in Tanoo. We are only able to process volunteer staff at Tanoo at this time.

Late yesterday and early this morning, several volunteers came out to our lonely corner of the cluster to help us move a shipment of donations out to Octanneve V. This group mostly included members of CHTAR, OLDHR, and LUMEN. My thanks–and the thanks of Clan Licei of Moisant–go out to these volunteers, who took the time to navigate a fairly treacherous hauling pipe to see the shipment to safety.

I would also like to thank the endlessly amazing @Lyra_North-Onren, whose work was instrumental in securing a shipment of VIAVA and CVD supplies into Octanneve this morning.

And to @Drake_Arson: I expect this post can serve as a response to your orders that we “cease and desist” our efforts in Octanneve.

We still have a long process of recovering and rebuilding ahead of us, and will for some time, even after our names disappear from the cluster’s headlines.


Attention to those who seek to assist this “Humanitarian” Effort.

The effort is not needed, as the situation is under control. Mr. Quatrevaux and those involved are using this disaster as a means of placing illegal research operations on the Planet.

While it is most regrettable that the Natural disaster upon Octanneve V has taken many lives, the situation is not as Dire as it is announced. Deaths are in the hundreds, not thousands.

None of your food and relief assets will reach the people in need. This is a Sham designed to take your well wishes and turn them into illegal forms of research.


I own property in Atchafalaya and am working under the auspices of the region’s governance through Clan Licei.

That’s disgusting.

If those donating would like receipts or other proof that the supplies are reaching their destinations, we are happy to provide them.

Since we have your attention, Mr. Arson, would you like to explain your involvement in producing these hurricanes, as regards your publicly-recorded “seeding” comment?


Due to the nature of the issues on Octanneve V, Public access too the Customs office above the planet has been closed. All Unauthorized access is prohibited and will be pursued. For those wishing to gain access to Deliver relief supplies please contact me directly.

Additionally, Police and security forces are being mobilized to protect remaining persons and assets, as well as to bolster local governments.

Thank you

I wouldn’t trust Mr. Arson’s ravings as far as I can throw him.

I hope the funds I transferred will be of assistance.


They will be, Lasa. Thank you very much.

I can confirm that the customs office over Octanneve V does belong to a corporation that is associated with Mr. Arson’s alliance, and has belonged to them at least since the storm itself. Which is why we haven’t been using that customs office.

I can’t confirm or deny that the customs office has been closed to us, because at least one associate of his was sitting in space waiting for me to approach said office, and as I was carrying supplies from elsewhere, I wasn’t willing to find out what would happen.

To be plain, this interference with a perfectly normal rescue and relief operation is absurd and borderline inhumane. I would be interested to know what Mr. Arson stands to gain from this. Perhaps, of course, he was involved in the creation of this disaster to begin with.


As CEO and legal counsel of OLDHR I, for one, would like to see documentation of the proper use of relief assets that our corporation helped manufacture or deliver to Octanneve V, so that I can call Mr. @Drake_Arson a liar to his face, with cause.

Naturally it is not my wish to distract Viavant from relief work, so the documentation can wait until such a time as the acute humanitarian crisis has subsided and resources can be diverted to bureaucratic tasks.

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I will state that outside interruption of a “Normal” Crisis is absurd. Documents can easily be doctored and should not be trusted.

The fact you call any form of Humanitarian Crisis as " Normal " Is what is truly disgusting.

With the cut off of outside influence of this disaster, we can focus on clean up and rescue of those in danger and in strife during these hard times. Do not support those who seek to stop or harm these efforts.

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It is also disgusting that you turn a statement about “normal rescue and relief operations” into “normal humanitarian crisis”.

I was also going to ask you to document your claims that Dr. Quatrevaux is a scammer but this gives me pause:

Am I to take it as a warning that any documentation that you would yourself produce, Mr Arson, could easily have been doctored and is not to be trusted? What evidence, then, do you put forward of your claims?


I have no need to prove anything.

The Customs Office is under my control. With it supplies are being delivered planet side. Anything else from others will be seen as hostile act. Those who wish to assist are asked to contact me to have the supplies delivered.

This reeks of somebody with something to hide.

I’m not trusting you with any supply donations. Thanks, but no thanks.


He’s tricked people before.

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Yes, and he’s also tricking people currently. His “Project Solace” claims to be about ending Triglavian invasions, but it’s really about surveilling Tanoo II and the Tebu Amkhiman freeport. I’ve fought in almost every Triglavian invasion that popped up in Tanoo, and I can say with certainty that not once was he ever involved in fighting those invasions. Also, he had several listening posts set up over Tanoo II, which were shot down by me and a friend.

Not to mention that he’s a Nation loyalist. Also not to mention the horror stories I’ve heard from people he’s stalked and abused. He’s been pushing this wannabe-Butcher act for ages. I’m not surprised that he’s got an agenda here.

I’ve been on the surface of Octanneve V myself. My corporation had data stored in several warehouses near Moisant. Corovid and Viavant were the first groups to respond there. Arson has yet to offer us any assistance. We’ve not received supplies from his customs office. All he’s done is get in our way and make ■■■■ difficult. Maybe he’s actually helping someone else on the planet. But he sure as ■■■■ hasn’t helped Moisant.

We have our own ways of getting goods and people to and from the planet. It’s not the first time I’ve had to engineer a side route for planetary traffic. So yes, the supplies are arriving safely, and yes, we will offer proof of their usages.

Now that we’ve gotten that straightened out, unless Arson wants to confess to seeding the planet’s atmosphere to generate the hurricanes, let’s move on from that giant asswipe of a distraction and get back to helping the folks who need it.


Very well.

Viavant and Corovid workers have succeeded in draining out the last of the standing water and checked all residences and other structures for inhabitants. Our rescue operations are now complete.

We have accounted for nearly all residents of Atchafalaya at this time. The total number of lives lost stands at 7,315. This includes 2,329 children of any gender.

335 residents remain unaccounted for. It is most likely that those individuals were washed out to sea.

There are 30,349 residents still in Moisant. (The full population of the city was around 400,000. The rest of the survivors have been evacuated.) Supplies are being distributed to these people, and most of them are living in a shelter run by Viavant staff, at a location which we will not publicly disclose. I have asked my staff to keep a running tally of which supplies are being used or given out where. We should be able to provide that to interested parties within a week.

We have not yet made use of the medical center, simply because we were previously busy with rescue efforts and have not yet deployed an analysis to determine what its best placement will be. There are very many needs that require addressing, from bacterial infections to stopping the spread of water-communicable diseases, to caring for children and the infirm, to studying the health effects of the atmosphere and exposure to agents such as black mold.

That analysis is forthcoming, and I will be managing it alongside a crew of Viavant’s best doctors and researchers.

For now, we are looking for volunteers to help us rebuild, as well as businesses to establish or reestablish themselves in Moisant. Supplies are always welcome, but are less of an emergency now, as donations have helped us stabilize rations and prepare shelters. Our thanks go out again to everyone who sent us aid in any form.

If you know of a planetside business that might be interested in expanding to Octanneve, please contact me or @Melisma_Ramijozana.

We will continue to provide updates as they come.


I am happy to announce that the situation on Octanneve V has improved greatly. It has been reduced from Emergency to Elevated Risk.

With this great change in status, the Customs office has returned to Open Access for all. Planetary Port customs are prepared for the massive traffic expected.

The situation continues to be monitored.