Humanitarian Relief for Octanneve V

As regards Moisant, any improvement in status is due 100% to Corovid Industries, Viavant, and those who donated to us, not to the shithead who has done his best to keep us from succeeding.

Arson still has done nothing to help Moisant, and if he has done anything to help the continents on Octanneve V, it has not been publicized.

The only good Arson has done is by attempting to take credit for the hard work provably done by others, which has helped us to discredit him in the eyes of former allies and associates of his.


Don’t worry. No one thinks he’s done anything either.


Got a mammoth load of all kinds of ■■■■ for you. Check your contracts.


Got it. Absolutely brilliant. Thank you.

And hope you didn’t have too much of a hangover while you did it.