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bumping bumping

It has 50M sp now.

Please follow character posting rules. One bump per 24 hrs, and you have information missing from your first post, and drop corp

I’m sorry that I didn’t notice the rule post. I would take an eye on. Thank you.

35 bil

even if i extract sp and sell these, i can get 40b.

you will not get 40bil if you extract. your math is off. perhaps you haven’t noticed the tax and broker fees increase recently… and the price of Large Injector has gone down. I suggest you do your math again. either way, if you want 40bil for it, good luck.

37bil bid

Large Injector is 801.4m => tax=2.25% * 801.4m, broker fee=1% * 801.4m, so it worth 775.3545m
Extractor is 368.4m.
Profit for one Large Injector is 406.9545m.
50M sp = 90 Large Injector = 36.6bil.
I dont want to be aggressive, just for showing my math.

exactly my point. this is what you said: “even if i extracted sp and sell these, i can get 40b”. my response was “you will not get 40bil if you extract. your math is off.” who was right?


I mean im not silly enough to sell this char for 35b. Sorry about it.

he’s went through a lot of wts topics and just about every single one of them, he’s asked for extraction price or less than… few times he’s actually put offers in for above extraction.



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