(Tavi) #1

Looking for offers on this character:

Pass: 3211239


  • Born May 7th 2003, one of the first 175 pilots created.

  • Gallente Dreadnaught 5

  • Capital Hybrid 5

  • Minmatar Carrier (Nidhoggur/Hel) 5

  • Gallente Carrier (Thanny/Nyx) 5

  • Heavy Fighter 5

  • Fighters 5

  • Light Fighters 4 (11d from 5)

  • Heavy Assault Cruisers 5

  • Logistics Cruisers 5

  • Marauders 5

  • Black Ops 5

  • Amarr/Gallente Battleship 5

  • Electronic Attack Ships 5

  • Good support skills (shield, armor, engineering, navigation, drones, electronic)

  • Gunnery Supports @ 5


High Grade Slave w/ Omega & gunnery support 7/8/9/10 slots


Glacial Drift Hel
Genolution ‘Auroral’ 197-variant


1 Bonus, yearly up in November - currently mapped as Perception/Willpower

Starting Bid: 105b
B/O: 115b

Transfer will be done by Plex Transfer

All CCP rules apply - Positive Wallet/NPC Corp/No Killrights/In Highsec/etc

(Tavi) #2


(Incontinentia MyButtox) #3


(Gattanera) #4

100 bil

(Tavi) #5

Thank you for the offers, I can extract him for about 105b. Im trying for over extractor + plex price as offers <3 <3 <3

(Tavi) #6


(Tavi) #7

Have any ingame offer of 110b, looking for 5b more for a buyout of 115b! Take home a piece of Eve history today =D

(Tavi) #8

Character is still available.

(Roger Balek) #9

113 B

(Tavi) #10

@Roger_Balek bid accepted, send isk and account name to Tavi

(Roger Balek) #11


The money will be send to Tavi very soon.

(Roger Balek) #12

113B sent !

(Tavi) #13

Isk received. Character Transfer request submitted to CCP. Check your evemail for an img with the support ticket information.

I loved him, please enjoy him =]

(Roger Balek) #14

I saw the screenshot and I’m waiting for some update… I hope the transfert will be done soon.

This character and I will probably become good friends, yeah :wink:

(Tavi) #15

Sale cancelled. Isk has been returned.

(Roger Balek) #16

Why did you cancel the sale?
What is the issue?

(system) #17

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