I’ve been trying for 3 days to subscribe to OMEGA but you sent SMS to the wrong number.

Where do I change my phone number?

I can’t find the place to change.

All sites I try something related only to EVE send SMS to the wrong number.

Anything else I buy the SMS goes to the right number.

I already called the bank and the card company.

Everyone said that the error is yours.

Where is the place where I change my phone on the EVE online website?

I can not find it.

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How difficult is banking for you. Previously, before the sanctions in our country, I simply entered the card details, then in the bank’s mobile application on my smartphone I received a confirmation of the purchase and that’s all (it took a couple of seconds). There is no mobile number binding in the account manager)))

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Don’t try to work around the sanctions placed on your country, it deserves them.

Best thing to do is contact Customer Support

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CCP does not send verification messages via SmS.

I’m pretty sure that your bank does to confirm a payment you want to make - so you should rather ask there to which number the sms are sent and check in your banking account which number is stored there.