Cannot access play on log in

Joined only yesterday…therefore still excited …

Logged out after an hour or so, then tried to return…

Launched game via desktop icon (black square)

Pressed play… and received the ‘added account’ message.

After brief blank screen, receive the message …

“Game character assigned to (my login name) has closed unexpectedly”.

I originally thought that there was some temporary problem with the program…this morning…the same.

Obviously there is something I am doing wrong…or not doing.

Any ideas ?

Bar Lev

Steam account? Try restarting steam, otherwise I’d log a support ticket.

You can verify the games files via the launcher, that would be my first thing to check.

If it’s a STEAM account and the problem persists try making an EVE account name and password, you can read more in this link:

This allows you to login via the EVE Launcher, bypassing STEAM entirely but still have access to your STEAM wallet.

If not a STEAM account, try clearing game cache:

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