Cannot claim 75k SP from AIR Career Program

This window says I can claim 75k SP because I finished all tasks required.
Mouseover tooltip says “I can claim this by dragging this item (SP test tube) onto a character at selection or by finding it in Neocom > Inventory > Redeem”.
It seems I dont really understand where exactly I should drag this SP test tube, what means “character at selection”? There’s nothing at character selection SCREEN I can interact with or drag anything, and there seems to be no menu option “Redeem” in Inventory section in Neocom menu.
I tried to drag SP test tube onto my character icon, but it doesnt seem to work neither.
Right-click doesnt work also.
How exactly can I claim my hard-earned 75k SP?
Thanks in advance.

In the Neocom Menu, search under Activities for “Air Carrer Programm”, and also for “Opportunities”.

There’s nothing like “Claim” or “Redeem” buttons anywhere in those menus, I’ve looked up thoroughly several times.

Depending on whether you are at character select, or logged in on the character, there are two different methods:

  • You are at character select:
    There is a “Redeem Items ^^” bar at the bottom of the screen.
    Click that and it reveals items that you’re able to redeem, from there you can click and drag the selected item(s) to the character you want to have them.

  • You are logged in on the character:
    At the lower part of the neocom bar (next to the time), there’s a group of unremovable icons (one of them being the NES store).
    The icon you want, looks like a box containing an up-arrow pointing at a missing notch.
    Tool tip says “You have unclaimed items to redeem”.
    I could not find it in the menu entries either.
    Clicking on that icon presents you with a window containing the items.
    Select the item(s) you want to redeem, and click either “Redeem to Current Station”, or “Redeem to Home Station”, depending on where you want them.
    There is no dragging from this window.

Click the gift box in the bottom right corner of the screenshot on the top. That’s the redeem queue for your account. If you want to claim stuff (like the 75k sp), you select the item and drag it on top of the character you want the stuff applied to. That window can also be accessed while logged into a toon. It’s in the bottom left now, on top of the NES store icon. You can see it in the second screenshot, it’s the third icon from the bottom on the Neocom. This time, when you open the window, you’ll have the option to redeem items to your current station or home station (only home station if you’re in space). With SP, it doesn’t matter, it gets auto-applied anyway, so you can choose which ever option you want. Hope this helps!

You don’t have anything able to be redeemed yet.
You can hover on the blue progress bar at the bottom to tell you how many points you have, and what the milestone points to acheive are.
As seen in the 3rd pic, the 75k is not yet attained. You’re close, probably 1490 out of the 1500 you need for the 75k reward.

Exactly. Thank you.

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