Cannot Complete Alpha Strike Challenge Set

(Cardinal War-Richte) #1

I’m trying to complete the current Alpha Strike challenge however though I’ve completed all available challenges (each mission shows 1/1 completed) I’m only at 48 points and need 50 to complete.

How do I complete the challenge and get the 50 points?

(MacGregor Orlenard) #2

Wait until timer is over and tasks reset.
Btw, since destroyers are cheap the reward cost max 2 mil. Not much waste and if want one for free. Simple complete advanced military carrier agent. He will give you one for free.

(Cardinal War-Richte) #3

Thanks for that. I’m still amused that completing all the tasks only gets me 48 points out of 50!

(Jedidiah Togenada) #4

I thought that, but I got the reward from doing missions anyway, so I redeemed it. I was expecting an inexpensive Corax or Cormorant. I got a sweet little Sunesis instead. I think I checked the price and it was around 20mil ISK. And it’s a cool looking little ship to find (and run) low level combat sites.

(system) #5

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