"Cannot Join Channel" nonstop spam preventing play

I can’t play the game because of the nonstop spam of pop ups telling me it “Cannot join” a channel I SUPPOSEDLY told it to forget.

I sent a support ticket but I would like to play the game today, and it has not been answered in hours.

If anyone knows a viable workaround please help.

I have sent numerous support tickets on same issue.

GM said happy to help and happy to fix.

Years later, not fixed.

How do you play the game then? its pretty much impossible to do anything with the pops ups in the way every few seconds. you must have found a workaround?

I had same issue today when I logged out without closing an otherwise empty private chat channel. When I logged into a different account, I was spammed with ’ you have been banned from ‘Channel (Alone)’ or something to that effect. Clearing cache got rid of it…but its one of those annoying bugs ( like kill rights disappearing ) that should not happen in the first place.

Same bug for me since today.

In my case I can join the channel and get placed back in Rookie Help all the time. Repeatedly. Character is nearing 6 years in EVE.

Yes, my alt on the same account is in Rookie Help, but that doesn’t mean my main character also needs to be in it, I’ve got enough channels to keep track of already.

Filed a bug report, I recommend everyone else who encounters this bug does too.

Same as @Altara_Zemara . I got spammed by “You have been banned etc” after switching to a different alt on the same account. It stopped after I logged out, waited a few and logged back in. Seems like the client is slow to catch up on deciding which channels to assign to which character on that account.

I used to keep track of bugs in my wife’s bio.

"This game has more bugs than a swamp on a hot summer night…

Edit 7/13 OK, they fixed a lot of bugs…

Edit 1/14 Old bugs replaced with new bugs.

Edit 10/14 Bugs gone, now we just get disconnected…

Edit 6/16 And a whole new set of bugs…

Edit 2/17 Back to being DC’ed at least once a day…

Edit 2018 was not that bad…

Edit 5/19 64 bit has mega launcher issues…

Edit 10/19 ESS in high sec…"

Part of the charm for me. Kinda like,
The Rocky Horror Picture Show cult following - Wikipedia

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