Cannot locate Mining Barge skill

I was trying to get the Retriever though one of the required skills is Mining Barge I. When I open up my skills (I do have omega), I can find mining frigate though no mining barge. I was really wanting to upgrade off of my Venture…
Do I need to unlock other ships for that skill to be available or something? If so which ones?
I have looked (almost) all over google for it so I thought I would go ahead and try asking here.


Select “All Skills” and you should see Mining Barge appear on the list.

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Thank you so much! This helped out a ton as I was also looking for some others.

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Normally the default is “Have prerequisites for”, and there you can see every skill you are able to start learning.
To be able to skill Mining Barges, you need a bunch of skills beforehand:
Astrogeology III
Science IV
Mining IV
Industry V
Mining Frigate III

Only after completing all of these skill levels, the Mining Barge skill is shown in the “have prerequisites for” secton.

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