Alpha Clone Questions


i have some Questions about the Alpha Clone state. I just reinstalled the game after 4 years. By the time i stopped playing, i had a procurer making some mining stuff.

After i logged in, i saw that some skills i trained i saw “needs Omega state”, i wanted to dock off with the procurer and got a warning that some skill are inaktive due to missing skills.

Is this now due the alpha state? Or did they changed some requirements for the skills?

there was a change in the mining barges and exhumers too so the fiting maybe needs to change
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i think mining barges are omega only … not for alphas


I can confirm that mining barges are omega only. You have much more options as Alpha in combat, but AFK friendly methods of making isk are pretty limited.

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You are right. This is because of alpha state.

As soon as you upgrade to omega you will get all your omega skills back which includes barges. As an alpha you can mine with the venture! That’s what I am using at the moment :smile:

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