Why are Mining Frigate II & III in Alpha Miner skill plan

The Alpha Miner skill plan includes Mining Frigate II and III; they have no level based benefits and the only use for them is that at level III you get access to Mining Barge. But Mining Barge is Omega only so it seems to me that there is no benefit to these skills for an Alpha clone who only needs to do level I for the Venturer.

Looks like a mistake to me, unless there is something about the skill not mentioned in info.

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Sure it has a bonus:

Mining Frigate has 5% Bonus to Mining Yield per skill level % 5% Bonus in Gas Cloud Harvesting per skill level.

You can see this within the Info of the Venture.

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Ah, OK that makes sense. Thanks.


Edit: I see you’ve figured it out and made an edit. :slight_smile:

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