Cannot Open Containers in 1dq

I cannot get into containers in station. The opening sequence buffers, then shows the containers as empty (they are full).

No issues with my alt account.

I have bug reported.

Anyone else have this issue?

I have had this since server reboot Sunday.

I have cleared cache and mail cache with no results.

check corp query permissions for said container.

Possible that you have access to the container object, but not take/query of the sub objects.

Its in my hangar so that shouldn’t be an issue?

how do I check that?

Repackage container if it isn’t a corp issue. If it’s secure, you will have to wait, so bug request is probably the best way.

When new item id’s are added, things can happen to acl lists that are unexpected.

You can check take/query permissions in corp roles/titles tabs.

But I am guessing, your main is not in the same corp as your alt.

I have a alt in the same corp that has no issues with containers in the same station.

My main can access containers in any station elsewhere with no issues.