Can't add cargo to ship

This is absolutely ridiculous. It shouldn’t take 2 hours to figure out how to add cargo into the bay. Nothing I do will allow to add the cargo. Doing the mission, " Making Mountains Out Of Molehills (5 of 10)" and can not add the crates of electronic parts. I know it’s super easy but nothing I do will allow me to add my cargo.
Any ideas would be very helpful.

3 hours later im sure you figured it out… drag and drop… if you really tried every which way, and it really couldn’t be done, petition a GM by F12 to reset the mission.

It’s been a long time, but I think that mission requires a larger cargo bay than that found on a frigate. If you still haven’t solved your problem, check the size of the crates against the cargo bay of the ship you are using.

Most missions will tell you what size of cargo you’ll be moving before you even start, so either re-fit/re-ship accordingly, or (where possible) move the cargo in multiple trips.

In this case the cargo is 40M3 - comfortably within the capacity of any frigate unless the cargohold is already full of other stuff.

As mentioned by @Jerry_Falcone you can have your item hangar (where the agent will put the cargo once you accept the mission) and your ship cargohold open on screen at the same time - simply drag & drop.

I did this, and it didnt take me two hours.

It took me 2 minutes to figure out i can make more than one trip, if i didnt have enough cargo space.

But even then, why would it take you 2 hours to figure this out? Right click, “equip on to ship”, done.

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Well it sure has taken me more than 2 hours. I quit trying last night and am at it again. I am trying to follow the instructions of my tutor, and am trying to move spare ammo from my “item hangar” to my “cargo hold”.

The instructions are simple: drag the remaining ammo from your item hangar to you® sic ship’s cargo hold. Problem is I see no cargo hold. Search indicates it is not available. So where is it and why is it hidden when I am at an instructor screen?

Some may have found this easy, I find a huge amount of confusion with this interface.

wow just wow…
open your assets window, you see your ship? Click on it and the right part of the window is… the cargo hold. Or just drag and drop what you want directly to your ship’s name in the assets window, items will go to the cargo hold…
May i suggest you to join a newbie friendly corp?

Press ALT + C to open your inventory and ship inventory.

In your item hangar, drag the ammo from that hangar, to the top left most section, which should be your ship.

I know how to drag and drop… It seems to be a Cache issue from what I have leaned. After cleaning I am still unable to add to this ship.

Can you take a screenshot of what you’re looking at? And what you’re trying to do?

sorry but it seems to me that you don’t know where is the cargo hold. Then it won’t be a cache problem.
As requested can you show us a screenshot?

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