Hauling a bigger package than my ship cargo capacity

I’m currently operating with Tayra and been doing some courier work over the past few days. I always picked the packages with low volume size so it fits into my cargo, but can I accept contracts with larger package volumes but to transfer it in multiples turns? E.g. my Tayra is about 15k m3, and the current contract has 30 m3. Can I split the package into two?

Yes you can do that. Youll get a warning saying you dont have the capacity. But you can split stack them to fit, or if you drag/drop, it will put all that will fit in the ship

Well, just now I accepted the contract and it says I can’t change the stack size of the package. What do I do now? If I fail the contract, I will lose the collateral.

My bad, i didnt pay attention you said contract, i assumed missions. You can do that for missions

But not contracts
I suggest fitting cargo expansions. With 4 cargo expansion II you should be at 31k m3

And skill Caldari Hauler IV (better V) asap.

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