Stuck on a mission. Make a shuttle, and place in cargohold.. I dont have 5000m3 space

Im in the location it has to be delivered\make.
I have tried to put it in ship hangar both assembled and repackaged.

I cant find any normal ships with 5000m3 to complete mission…


(Making mouintains of molehills 8 of 10 tutorial level 1)
Mission text:

A friend of mine needs a fast vessel, so I want you to take this blueprint copy and construct a shuttle for him.

I think a shuttle is 500m3 when repackaged. Do you have a t1 hauler? If you do and still don’t have enough room, try putting a “cargo expander” on it, should fit then.

Bought an Iterion Mark V So problem solved.

Thank You.

if you are in the correct station, double check that you have the correct item (exact spelling, exact name, close enough is not close enough.) Make sure it is repackaged and has a 1 in the corner of its icon. Make sure you are in the exact correct station, not just the system but station, check the spelling letter by letter. If you have to move the shuttle somewhere, assesmble it, fly it, then repackage it, no need for a hauler, it has engines on it.

edit: you can check a mission progress by opening up the journal (alt j) and double clicking on the mission. Look for whatever has a yellow circle instead of a green check. Also double check that you even accepted the mission.

Was in the same location mission was given and location to deliver.
I triple-checked everything… Maybe a bug…

Thanks for answering,

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