Broke the industry delivery button

Did start a industry work (making some missiles) but did not notice that the delivery was directed to a smale container.

The work is done, and then I puch “delivery” I get a error messege “Not Enough Space” That is logic becuse the game try to fit 5000 missiles in a smale container insted of the “Iteam hangar”

Did delete the smale container, in hope the missiles would be delivered to the “iteam hangar” but no.

The question is how do I rederict the delivery on a already completed work, or in the worst case how do I clear the system, and free up my building sloots.

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Just above the “START” button there’s a dropdown menu calles “OUTPUT LOCATION”, there you set the container or hangar where the items are supposed to appear.

No, the prblem is that the “output location” meny is gone, then the work is completed. Hence my dilemma.

Just repackage the container and the delivery will default to your hangar. At least that’s how I used to do it years ago.

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Did deleat the container.

Fel hosted at ImgBB — ImgBB the error

The GMs aren’t good for much, but this is one of the few things they can take care of for you. File a ticket from your character using the help tab in the neocon and explain the problem.

They’ll change the location for you.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

The problem is now solved, Did emptied all containers, and did buy a new smale container and now it work. Thanks to all who did try to helpe.

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