Items deleted when completing task in indusrty

I’m a relatively new player who just made 400 Hydrogen fuel blocks however when i clicked “deliver” the items didn’t go into my personal hanger and i have no idea at all where they are. If you need any more information i might be able to provide it but i don’t know of anything else which may have caused this than an item deletion bug.

If you did the job for yourself, the stuff should be wherever (in your hangar) you told it to go when you created the job - assuming it fits. If it doesn’t fit, it won’t go anywhere - but the job should still be in your “jobs” list. You’ll have to correct whatever the problem is - usually by figuring out what container you tried to put it in and removing or repackaging that container.

If you did the job for your corp, it should be in the corp deliver hangar (bottom of the list in the inventor window, iirc)

If you can’t find the fuel blocks and the job is no longer on the list, submit a bug report.

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