Can't complete delivery mission in Industrial career path

I can’t complete the 1st Mission in the Industrial career path mission. I’m supposed to deliver some docs to another station. I made sure I picked them up before I undocked. I travelled to the destination. But when I move the docs to the Item Hangar, it doesn’t show the objective completed and the guide instructs me to move them from the Item Hangar to my ship. It’s acting as it’s a pickup rather than a delivery. No matter what I do, it won’t credit me with delivering the docs. If I return to the agent, he just tells me I haven’t finished the mission yet.

If i recall with missions you can keep the items (in this case documents) in the hanger of your ship, you start a conversation with the agent who gave you the mission and you get the option to complete mission.

Are you sure that you are in the station that the documents need to be on, or are you back in the station where the agent is, they may be 2 different places

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