Can't connect to the game : 26000 port error

while trying to connect i am getting port message error. I tried to connect via my regular and 4g network and got same message. Did anyone encountered such a thing? I started to get it right after yesterday’s downtime ( not sure if there were any updates )

Thank u in advance for any help

So, there have been a few other people complaining about lag and connectivity issues. Moreover, when others have gotten you error message in the past, the problem was on CCP’s end. So, your best bet is to file a support ticket, and make sure that they’re aware of the problem. You can also try the troubleshooting techniques listed in this article.

Please keep us posted if you find a solution or get confirmation from CCP that the problem is indeed on their end. I’m sure others will want to know.
No P2W

Thank you for your reply. I had a conversation with CCP tech support earlier but decided to try here aswell

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