Port Error 5222 AGAIN? Over 1 year later

Hi guys, so I’ve been having issues with this well known error 5222, and unable to play the game due to the fact my chat disables the ability to identify friendly from foe craft or structures when in space. And since my corp is at war, I dont know whos who. So I’ve been camped in a station unable to do anything for the last 5 days now except 1 day of game play I managed to pvp for a short time and get 4 kills. But then the error again the next day and until now.

Basically I was able to play eve before, and now I cant. There was a period of 2 days I received the error, then 1 day I was able to play and 2 days of now play. I’ve read up on this issue, and there doesn’t seem to be any fix from CCP yet. And if its been over 1 year, I doubt CCP cares enough to fix it now.

I created a ticket, and like always its my fault or my computers fault-the customer assumes responsibility for a game feature they designed. I was instructed to verify the port was open and with my discovery it was infact (Open) I then proceeded to turn off all my security features, still getting the error. So I called my ISP, they gave me instructions to enable the 5222 to be manually opened. Still got the error.

So what is CCP doing about this?

Maybe try ‘Clear all cache files’ in ‘Reset Settings’ tab of Esc menu.

Can also ‘Verify integrity of downloaded files and purge extra files’ in the Launcher - click the ‘E’ icon (top right corner of Launcher) to open drop-down menu and select ‘Shared Cache’ to open window and select ‘Verify’.

Test by taking your computer and putting it on a different connection. Neighbor’s wi-fi, tethered cell-phone, bring laptop to work, whatever. This will isolate either the computer or the network as the issue (even faulty drivers can cause weird issues like this so I’m not discounting the computer as a source of issues).

If the network is the issue, test by temporarily putting the router in DMZ mode (you can also start troubleshooting with this step). If issue persists, it’s most likely further down the pipe. Port 5222 is used by torrents, so I wouldn’t be surprised if some crappy ISPs are restricting access to it.


Of course nothing. Why do you ask about such obvious thing?

It affects only very small number of people, and they dont care about such numbers. Hell, they dont even care about all of us. Only about our wallets.


Maybe install again. Use VPN? I dont know.

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