Can't find my main on singularity after char transfer

Hello everyone o7,

I have first opened a ticket but redirected here. My issue is that, after transferring my main to my Steam account due to financial reasons(Steam having a lower conversation rate for my dying currency). I can login to Singularity with my Steam account but it won’t show my main there, only shows the alpha i have created a year ago. Also i can’t login Singularity with my old Eve account in which i have built my main, launcher saying invalid pw/username although i can login to Tranquilty with that old account.

Would be nice to test some ships on Singularity with the skills of my main especially after growing a liking to abyssal space i don’t want to blindly go into a T3 with a 500m vagabond and lose it. Sorry for taking up your time and fly freely o/.

Atalay ege ege

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