Can't get chat to work

Not even sure how it is supposed to work. Signed up to play with friend - I he sent a message but I can’t reply. I can see the his private channel in the list of chat channels when I click on channel icon in neocom menu - however when I click on any channel in the list nothing happend. I checked port 5222 - appears ok.

If he messages me - I click on accept but then the box disappears…

Is this how it is supposed to work?

Hmz, odd “bug” if it is a bug.

What should happen:

  • Friend opens a private conversation
  • He says something in the private conversation tab of his chat window
  • You accept the conversation
  • If he did point 2, in your chat window it should add an extra tab called: Private Conversation ()
  • Click the tab, to chat in your own private conversation and gossip about all other people :wink:
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