Cant get game to load after patch

ever since the latest update and after a numbing download , my launcher does two things ,

  1. it randomly allows me to log in on one of my 3 accounts , shortly after it starts to load it goes into the " download mode" and attempts to download 495 megs of files. the first 4 times i allowed it to go thru those motions, then after nothing .
  2. the one selected account goes thru the loading process " loading bulk data etc " then black screen
    after 1 hour of that i close it out and has i do i see the pilot select screen pop up. about 10 mil seconds
    and and then back to launcher screen again with yet another 495 meg download.
    I don’t have a very good internet connection has i work out at sea but i never had any real problem at least logging into game. i tried all the things i read on fourms, varify, open in admin, change permissions on cashe, wearing a tin-foil hat while the moon is full … i really have no idea what else to do … any ideas would be helpful .
    also i did allow me to log in 2 times in the last 4 days but never more then one account

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