Can't get your site scan past some%!?

Obligatory Note - technique refers to your personal ability to do something, juxtapose your skill levels which makes it easier to have no technique, like an Omega.


Technique time to perform: <5min

If you can’t get your site scan above X% (all numbers in op are arbitrary), it’s probably level IV or higher site. Here’s how you crack it.

Your directional movements are on the X-axis, Y-axis, Z-axis.

Get as high a percent you can. From there, move only ONE axis at a time, at a certain scan range (say 8AU). move it a little bit. Did your PERCENTAGE go up or down? If up, keep moving it a tiny bit that way, if down move it a tiny bit the other way.

Rinse and repeat for each axis.

When you can’t seem to get it to go up anymore, it’s time to narrow your scan to 4AU.

Rinse and repeat.

Keep making little adjustments until you nudge that site up to about 10% higher than where where you were stuck at. Then you should be able to target it directly and pop it with ease.


Be Alpha

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This is a colossal waste of time if you’re going to keep it at 8AU.

You should be more than able to increase the scan focus down to 1 AU with just one or two scans and then focus it down to 0.25AU shortly after, instead of this wasteful method of jiggling around your probes one axis at a time at 8AU.

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I think you misread something. I clearly recommend to tighten the scan when you can no longer increase %.

Regardless. You’re 100% wrong. This is an invaluable technique to crack scans your power cant handle.

We have all found sites where no matter what you do the % hovers around 4 or when you tighten the scan the % goes down.

This is a fast technique to crack them.

If your scan strength cannot meet the requirement to probe down a site, it doesn’t matter how much wiggling you do with your probes. Your technique does not allow you magically generate additional strength.

I’ve been exploring for 2.5 years now and have never come across such a site. I’ve been stuck at 80% or thereabouts but never as low as 10%.

Speak for yourself. Other than being in an un-bonused ship with probes on, I never get below 89% but that site has to be level 5 to get me stuck.
I suggest training the scanning skills to level 5 and then the hacking skills to level 5.

10%? You’re narrowing it down past 8AU right?

There was one site that was VERY hard to find I read about after David Bowie’s death, R.I.P… It was called space oddessy and required crazy scan skills. Appeared randomly as a signature daily in any system.

It was just a zephyr flying space. A tiny object moving, no wonder->Commander Tom. Fitting memorial, hope they have it so I can find.

You’re 100% wrong.

You could in THEORY land your probe center right on the target and scan it to 100% first try.

It’s a real position in-game in spatial coordinates.

When you scan. If you do NOT move your probe, the % will not change. This has been true for me.

I have absolutely scanned down a target using this method.

Either way. If you’re stuck try this. I just see a lot of people ask how to scan past some low number. For me yesterday I worked on one that was 4%.

Yes. In the above situation it’s when you cannot get it passed some percent without losing it.

Because of what the other poster said…do you guys never lose site % or do you just give up when you start to lol?

This technique should only take 5 min if done well.

I can scan down sites in about 30 seconds. Like I said previous, this is a colossal waste of time. 5 minutes is so incredibly slow, it’s not even funny.

Obviously you cant, liar. Because you ADMITTED there are sights you cant scan and move on.

Jaysus KRIST you people are dense…

The 10% is an arbitrary number used in this thread.

This technique would work for ANY site you’re stuck on.

Please show me how there being sites that you can’t scan down has anything to do with me being able scan them down in 30 seconds.

You yourself said there are site you can’t scan down and you leave them lol.

I find it cute how defense you’ve gotten after a bunch of people told you that your inexperience method is ineffective and now you’re just trying to put words into other people’s mouths. I think we’re done here. :slight_smile:


I find it cute I can scan every site with an alpha account in T1 fits.

At first you said this wasnt how the game mechanic worked. I can prove you wrong.

Then you ballyhoo about how great your SPs and expensive rigs are…but ADMIT that you passover sites because they are too hard.

Now you want to claim some victory because you think taking 5 minutes to finish scanning a site that’s high level is a waste of time.

This is not true. Scan probes are directional range finders. They will always report back the same distance based on where you put the center of them. This works out to site%.

So you want us to believe you know what you’re talking about?

5 mins per wh packed with sites perhaps, not one.

Good for you. But for the rest of us with 7 scanning skills and T1 gear. We arent as glorious as you oh Omega overlord. We just want the free-be game and to steal all your 100mil isk cans in my 680k Imicus fit.

Go blow yourself elsewhere man.

This is a techniques thread for those who cant scan down a site but want to.

Not those who think they are so cools with their maxed out scans in high Tech rigs.