Can't install Eve nor Can play it

For some reason I can’t install eve using currently published Installer EveLauncher-1990751
It doesn’t unpack and inflate all the DDL’s - some of them are 0Kb in size.

And I’m having trouble with older EveLauncher-1986936 launcher.
It does install properly, but I’m getting the usual “couldn’t open manifest file bin:/manifest.dat” issue as in here but Verifying the Cache doesn’t help.

The fun part is that after 10-20 tries Eve actually able to login and launch which is Really Frustrating.

LogLite shows that it’s something Wine related - when the client tries to identify if it’s a wine installation, for some reason it gives false possitive on my system. I think Linux users are smart enough to get their own “Wine Toggle” instead of a faulty detector.

It’s a Fresh win10 install on a freshly bought Samsung SSD.
There’s literally mumble telegram slack tidal vlc pyfa and eve installed and nothing else.

Wrote a couple bug reports - didn’t get a reply.
The first bug report was Instaclosed after pointing out that I should verify the cache.
BUT IT DOESN’T WORK and I’m tired clicking play button 20-30 times over and over until it actually launches.

As for a software dev myself such bugs are very very disappointing - breaks both onboarding and customer retention, especially after you’ve launched an Event.
There’s a thing called Regression Testing, right ?

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