Can't log in on ipad

When I try to login, I get to the character choice and unable to confirm my choice. The confirmation button is transparent.

Using iPad Air with iOS 8.2 on safari

It works on android. :smiling_imp:
It works on Iphone on ios 10.3.2 using safari browser. Make sure to first select photo then click the button below. Even if you only have one character.

Yep, just tried it once I upgraded my iPhone to the new 10.3.2 version. Login now works.

Did not work with older iOS version.

H. Lee

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Confirmed this a few days ago with @CCP_Avalon on tweetfleet slack. The new forums DO work with mostly any version of iOS. However, logging in to post and such requires at least iOS v10.x in order for the login process to correctly function. So… known issue (at least I hope avalon would make a note of it for the web team), but whether it would be something that gets fixed for deprecated OS versions remains to be seen.

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