May I use an iPad to log into my account?

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I am sorry if this question is posted in the wrong location but I was wondering if it was possible to log into my account and check my skills and how they are progressing using just an Apple brand iPad. Again, sorry. if this is posted improperly…

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Yes and no.

Firstly the no: it’s not possible to login to a game client via an iPad to check skills or adjust them.

Secondly the yes: There are both webapps and native iOS apps that can let you check on your skill queue. There is which allows you to authorize any of your characters so you can check them from anywhere through any browser. Apple specific, there is Neocom: which is pretty much the best native app on any platform, aside from the game client itself.

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Not so helpful for an iPad but a few years back I had Eve running well enough on a cheapy low spec tablet I could manage skills and even move stuff, etc.

My newer tablets actually have the spec to play Eve really well on the move if I actually played any more.

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sounds like lag x 100 for me :smirk:

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Can you give us some details?

That aside, he can use a remote desktop client to connect to his PC. It worked on my phone but since my phone resolution was small I had to scroll all around making it only usefull for skill checking and reseqrch/manuf. queues. Managing the vaults was horrible as I kept dropping stuff all over the place. RDP for Adroid and OpenVPN to my home. But there are other combinations possible.

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Try to use teamvivewer……

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Wow…how do u do that? Didn’t think you could install of games on tablets.

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If its a windows tablet it can run anything that can be installed and that passes any minimum system requirements checks, i have a windows 8.1 tablet which could install the game, wouldn’t run though because its GPU is non-existent :stuck_out_tongue:

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Thank YOU so much for all you pilots invaluable help and advice, thank you