Cant Log in on test server

Tested both test servers, and they say wrong username/password combination.
Attempted to solve by changing pw->problem persist
Attempted to copy paste pw and username -> problem persist
Attampted with old password -> problem persist

CCCP please fix this, i dont want to lose ships wich could have been avoided on testing if the fit works

It looks like you are a new account. You don’t have an account on sisi yet. Unfortunately when you create an account for the first time it is only created on the TQ database. It will not be present on sisi until the next database sync. Had the same thing happen to my alpha char.

how long is the cyckle when it is cloned to sisi?
my account is 100 days old or so

Used to be every few months, they might be more or less frequent now though

Last mirror was June 6th - the snapshot may have been taken a few days before that.

Mirrors are usually 3-4 months apart.

Bear in mind that access to the test server is a bonus, not an entitlement. These are development QA servers - we’re allowed on because they need guinea pigs to test new features.

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