Can't log into Eve launcher

The usual solution (launcher breaks ALOT) is to reboot - all fine now…

Hi When you say re-boot what do you mean exactly as I have re-started shut down also uninstalled and re-installed twice without sucess

Pissing me right off now this Locked up at home so never get a better chance to play and I cant log in and my ticket seems to have gone very quiet from the mechanics paying for a service I can’t use through no fault of my own

Yea, was just a computer reboot, sounds like yours is a bigger issue - you could try re-installing to a different folder - although its possible that something that isn’t removed when uninstalling might be the issue.

This is a crazy idea but try installing Steam, installing EVE through the Steam client, then see if Steam can launch it for you. On new computers like yours this should not be a problem. However…

If it does not launch when you push “play”, right click EVE in your library, follow the drop down menu to “manage” which opens another drop down where you select and click “browse local files”, open the launcher folder and then double click the “evelauncher” application inside it. From there you can use any account you like just by putting in the account name and password in the same fields as always. Steam is free BTW. You just need to give them an email address and name I believe.

Thanks I have tried launching through steam with same results

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Have you been using Steam all along? Or did you only use it to try and solve the problem?

Seems some other folks are having a similar issue. Hang in there, hopefully CCP will figure it out.

no only tried steam to try and solve the problem after reading other threads on the subject an anti virus (I use Bulldog) wouldn’t stop it would it?
I have always had it by the way and not changed anything but was just a thought?

Well like you said, this happened after an update so yes, its possible anything that did not conflict before is now conflicting.

well I wish they would hurry up and figure it out

I’m going to try downloading this instead

If you want to download EVE on Windows in full up front, download the following file in addition to the installer above and place it in the same folder as the installer before running it. The installer will then extract the full set of resources for EVE from that file into the shared cache. Please have in mind that this file can be +7GB large.

Why not turn that anti-virus off for a test, especially or even only the firewall? If possible, turn it off, reboot the computer, make sure its still off, (turn off again if necessary) then try and start EVE.

In fact, make sure all passwords etc. for anything running are written down and shut down every unnecessary running app you can find.

Have you considered buying a cheap used computer to just get buy for now? If you set the client to minimum specs you can play EVE on a pretty weak computer.

The full download is worth it in any case if you have the space for it. But since EVE won’t even start up I doubt that’s anything to do with the trouble. But its worth a shot.

Tried all i can think of, cant get it to start either…

Hi Ridley
I have tried turning the anti virus all off but same results I didn’t shut it down though so may try that
regarding a different computer lets be honest I shouldn’t have to go to those extremes to play a game I’m paying for that was working perfectly before an update from CCP its so frustrating I did have similar issues on the PlayStation at the start of the year with Fortnite after an update simply wouldn’t log in just seemed to rectify it’s self after a few weeks

I feel for you mate its very annoying

You guys having this trouble should share as much information about your computers as you can, things like the make and model, what hardware you are using, what other apps are running in the background, etc. Its highly likely there is a common link here.

Don’t be too hard on them. They cannot know what every other company has done or account for what they have done perfectly. They definitely cannot account for what us individual users have done and I am exactly the type of person to tinker with stuff and make my own problems, even though I usually solve many before that happens. Anyway I have had precisely zero issues with the update and so have most people. So really, it may not be the fault of CCP at all.

Oh, and then we have viruses.

So many things will not kick in unless the computer is rebooted. Its a real pain but it should be an automatic response to any serious setting changes you make and are seriously relying on.