Can't minimize chat window without going to menu first

As the title suggest I’d like to be able to minimize my chat screen without needing to go to the 3 dots first.

See screenshot:

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I just discovered with your post that you can do that using the 3 dot.
I personnaly always and since the first time use the “double-click” on the chat, who minimize the window - and it’s work for everything.

So if you don’t want to see the chat, just double-tab on the top of the window and it’s minimze. Ez pz.

For exemple on you screen, double-click at the right of the “+”) and it will be minimze. It’s work for all windows in game.

Another option is to make chat a tab of one of your other windows. You can drag it into your overview for instance.

Though personally I can’t envision a scenario where I would want to minimise key intel like local chat.

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The mentioned doubleclick just minimizes chat to a smaller stripe. i want it to be minimized (off screen) in one click. I would love the minimzie option on one click ccPrettyPlease?