Can't minimize chat window without going to menu first

As the title suggest I’d like to be able to minimize my chat screen without needing to go to the 3 dots first.

See screenshot:


I just discovered with your post that you can do that using the 3 dot.
I personnaly always and since the first time use the “double-click” on the chat, who minimize the window - and it’s work for everything.

So if you don’t want to see the chat, just double-tab on the top of the window and it’s minimze. Ez pz.

For exemple on you screen, double-click at the right of the “+”) and it will be minimze. It’s work for all windows in game.

Another option is to make chat a tab of one of your other windows. You can drag it into your overview for instance.

Though personally I can’t envision a scenario where I would want to minimise key intel like local chat.

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The mentioned doubleclick just minimizes chat to a smaller stripe. i want it to be minimized (off screen) in one click. I would love the minimzie option on one click ccPrettyPlease?

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Oh you mean like that. Sorry I didn’t take it like that since I don’t see any reason to close the chat in there. Since it’s the basic intel we have at first. I’m glad it’s not easy to close it actually

I came here to say exactly this. Please give literally every window in the game 3 options, from left to right: Other options (three dots), minimize, and close. Minimize and close are basic aspects of Windows and other GUIs, so including them meets your goal of intuitive UI. Including them in all windows also makes the UI consistent, another stated goal of Photon UI. At the very least let this be a check box in settings.


THIS!! Come on CCP… basics of UX design!

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