Cant sell omega items

So I just started exploration and I managed to get some low sec loot and one of the items is an omega blueprint (“Small bay loading accelerator II blueprint”) and I can’t seem to sell it but when I go on to Eve-Market data I can see that it is selling.
Does that mean that I cant sell omega items?

You cannot sell those blueprints on the market. You can only sell those via Contracts.

What you have is a limited run blueprint copy. The only blueprints that can be sold via the market are unlimited run blueprint originals that have no research improvements. Though originals are listed in the market, this should not be taken as proof originals of that type exist to be acquired. Typically only tech 1 originals exist. Tech 2 items are sometimes found as copies as you now know, or are created as copies from a tech 1 original by a process called invention.

You should be able to sell any marketable item on the market, and for those that aren’t, use contracts, like Scoots said.

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