Capacitor and/or ship health showing incorrect numbers

(Ivorcya Yvormes) #1

So some time ago I undocked and my capacitor and ship health displays were showing just a blank area - as if the cap was empty and my ship had neither shield/armor/hull left.
Bit disturbing, but I wasn’t in combat, so no big deal.
Docking didn’t fix it, but restarting the client did.

Almost forgot about that incident, but just last night I had the same issue again and a corp mate described a similar issue whilst we were chatting on TeamSpeak a couple of hours before it happened to me.
This time it happened to me whilst I was in a combat situation. (I.e. the display was entirely fine, when I undocked and it updated fine when I entered warp, subtracting the amount required to initiate warp)

Once I was in the site and engaging the sleepers, my HUD said that my cap was above 90%. Despite the two sleeper battleships doing their best to neut me dry.
Judging from previous encounters with the exact same enemy, I know that my cap on that specific fit should be somewhere between 45% and 55%.

Now, hovering the cap display with my mouse pointer showed the numbers popup with the correct cap charge as it seems. (The popup showed the cap to bounce between 49%-53% - which is well within the range I’d expect)

So it would seem, that it is a simple UI bug maybe?
Also, this time it seems that simply docking and undocking fixed it. As such I’m not entirely sure it is connected to the display bug I had that one time when I undocked and it all showed empty.

Has anybody experienced similar issues? I’d rather not have this happen during PvP - would be great to have this fixed! :slight_smile:

(Rivr Luzade) #2

I have not had the HUD show now shield/armor/hull yet, but a completely blank capacitor is quite common. Vewing a Planet in Planet View fixes that at least every time.

(Arcanith Lionheart) #3

Popping up the ship tree and closing it seems to fix it, the problem occurs Veeeery rarely to me, only seems to be frequent when logging in after being dced out in space.

(Giddy McFee) #4

I have had this a couple of times too, have you submitted a bug report?

(Arcanith Lionheart) #5

next time it happens I will to take proper screenshots, was under preassure of l4 mission when it happened

(Ivorcya Yvormes) #6

Sadly I docked before I thought about doing a bug report. The main problem with that was, that this time, once I undocked it seemed fixed.
If I manage to reproduce it, I will definitly make a bug report with screenshots, etc.

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