Capacitor Management skill not actually increasing capacitor capacity?

I have capacitor management skill trained to level 5. The skills says it gives a “5% bonus to capacitor capacity per skill level.”

My buzzard has a base capacitor capacity of 218.75 GJ.

I would expect that the value of the buzzard’s capacitor with capacitor management trained to lvl 5 would be 218.75 * 1.25 = 273.743, however on the show info tab, it is still at 218.75. Same when I hover over the capacitor on my hud. So, there is no change at all from base level according to the show info (in other places in the show info window, it shows increases due to my sills).

Am I misinterpreting what this skill does? Or is this a bug??

Are you checking that when you are in your ship and or simulating? I am in my buzzard now and I have it at 273.

I had to switch off the mwd i have fitted as it has a -25% penalty to capacitor cap, sitting at 205 with MWD fitted.



To echo what Kane mentioned:

The “show info” tab on any ship/module will only show the unmodified base stats.

Skills will be applied once one is sitting in their ship and modules are “online”/“active”
(or doing s “simulation”)


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