Capital sentry supercapital

I consider the thought of a new supercapital able to deploy stationary new capital sentry fighters great.

any thoughts?

My thoughts: boring, bad idea, awful. As the Big Cheese likes to say: worst idea ever!

You haven’t articulated any reasons why you want them or how they would improve the game, but there is a 99.9% chance that the reasons would vary from very bad to extremely bad anyways, so it would only have made a bad post longer. Let’s be grateful you didn’t and leave it at that.

hmmmm yes? no?

hmmmm no


What would be the point? The whole point of fighters is they take time to get to the target so you can’t just shoot at everything in a 200km radius instantly.

Sentries would only serve to make carriers allowed to kill everything on grid, instantly. And that’s bad design.

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We have that already

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