Capital spawn in c5/c6 anomalies

Don’t you think that Capital spawn ( Upgraded Avenger, battleship) is not working correctly?
Let me explain: this ships, “Avengers” is a good obstacle, whitch makes challenge to dreadnoughts to do anomaly.
But also they have some strange (St#pid) kind of conduct: they spawn when capital ships arrive at the anomaly, 3 Avenger per 1 type of Capital (Dreadnought, Carrier, Logistic Carrier), however, they will spawn even if the capital warps in 3000 km from the anomaly.
So that’s what I’m not happy with: Capital Ship pilots MUST also take a risk, when he decided to make some problems to the farm-fleet.
For example now we can see this situation: Carrier and Dreadnought just need to warp in anomaly so far as possible and be absolutely immortal (NPC cant lock or point from this distance) so next stap of Dreadnough pilot is to go in cloak or just warp on spot (to watch how crabs are explode because not a single sub-cap fleet is able to resist 6 Avengers or 9 then all 3 types of capitals was arrived).
[Maybe 35 logists can do this challenge but lets be realistic: Avengers make death to all living things on anomalies].
I don`t cry because of loosing ships or Npc is so badass, because I am sure that in wormhole one must be ready for death. I want justice: I want equal risk for both parties.

Some my suggestions: make Avengers spawn near arrived capital. or just don`t spawn them on anomaly, when capital warps in 3000 km from anomaly.

p.s. sabre is also not an option: the bubble will not attract Carrier from such a long distance, besides, an experienced capital pilot will warp to the spot and cloak himself, so it is not possible to catch him.


I support it, it would not be bad if the Capital spawn appeared in the distance of the Warp Scrambler from the capital and he was a priority for him for at least 1 minute.
P.S. Balance the reward for them - on average battleship 1 EHP = 0.85 ISK, but for a capital spawn 1 EHP = 0.011 ISK, it would not be bad at least 50kk for each.

Hey, but that’s funny. Live with it. It has always been like that, when someone came into the farm hole you could “keep busy” him with it. And the bonus wave works well for dreads with carriers and stuff. Your suggestions only lead to more abuse. If you want to crab, close the holes or don’t use the holes of strangers.

PS: Kamrad. Very embarrassing to push own post. Embarrassing crab, go away.

PPS:Same corp, same person? Even more embarrassing…

Summary: Here we have a person, or the whole corp, who would like to be evicted.



I said that it’s not about the scary people in the system, but the fact that they don’t risk anything by causing a bonus wave.
If someone wants to kill crabs, let them use their own powers, not NPCs
Are you jealous that the members of your corporation do not support you, that you declare everyone else as twinks?)

If you don’t want that risk while crabbing, don’t farm in a C5/C6.


They tell you not about risk, but about the fact that if you decide to throw capital into battle, then stay and fight, punish the arrogant invaders, and do not hide in invisibility from a safe distance.

Bubble them, i am sure they risk something, you are just too bad to punish them.

So you didnt read the postscriptum text? ok then…
Sorry, maybe im really silly pearson WHO DONT EVEN KNOW THAT HE IS TALKING ABOUT?!

the bubble is calling for 500 km, the capital flies in 1-3 thousand km, so your option does not work, in fact they throw 1-3 sabras of suicidal blowing bubbles then they throw their own capital that does not come into this bubble, that’s all, no punishment, no risk, the capital immediately goes to a shred and then to warp, it can’t even be bombed


You want to krab in someone else’s bearhole then you run the risk of having a Bonus Wave dropped on you. Extra points for dropping the Avengers and the Drifter on them at the same time.
Those Avengers don’t exactly pay out all that much for the great festering mountain of EHP you need to chew through.

  1. Have Heretic, have it cloaked on standby, cause its useful
  2. new signature pops up
  3. random capital appears on DScan
  4. aligne combat probes on your combat site, cause thats where the cap will land
  5. onecycel it
  6. tackle it

If people can combatprobe a carrier and tackle it in null, without knowing, where it is warping, then you can do it, if you know where you have to scan.

perhaps yes, it might work, although there will be problems to keep him at the same time fighting off the capital respawn


Happy 3rd bonus wave this week :slight_smile:

You had nearly a minute from 4 sabres landing on grid (none scramming you and you even killed one) and the carrier landing. There was a way for you to get out of this site without issue (refit stabs + mjds), you just reacted poorly.

PS - Thanks for warping the haw phoenix to my carrier that burned away and cloaked.

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