Capitals in Hisec? Well, Sorta

The key differences IMHO between this topic and others is the serious counters that go with it.

Without those this would be just another HighSecROFLStompSoloFarmingMoblie idea.

Except #4, that is just a loophole IMHO.

Ewwwww…how dare they do that to my beautiful thread :joy:

Bronson did u have something to do with this?

I’m just another capsuleer. That level of thread-fu would take someone at CCP.

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Just read an interesting piece about how the EvE economy is always in accretion (i.e. building more stuff than it destroys).

Want to see more stuff get destroyed? Let it into hisec! (At least somewhat, as per my OP)

(It’s worth noting that I didn’t have to update the “lore” section of my OP. If anything, Triglavians and Drifters are being far more aggressive now then when I posted, which makes this change all the more sensible from a lore standpoint.)

If you ever played on the test server you would know that CONCORD effectively one shots a titan. So how again would a carrier or dread be able to survive?

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why ? you can use carrier and dread in low and you can dock in low then what is the point of changing the rules for them to get to high so you can get it to jita and sell it ? you can just take a lowsec system that are in the jita region it will still show up on market

Jita is a 0.9 system, so under my proposal capital ships still wouldn’t be able to enter. Of the current trade hubs, only Hek would be accessible, but it’s possible that new trade hubs would spring up in 0.7 and lower systems near existing hubs, and the competition to get those hubs started would be interesting.

There’s more to this than the market aspects, but that’s definitely part of it.

Giving this a bump in light of he announcement of the upcoming cyno changes.

Given that capitals will be less useful and less mobile outside of hisec, why not let them operate there under limited circumstances?

On a practical point of view I see lots of development time for a feature that would be used by a few, maybe.
I’m not CCP but it’s not hard to see how little consideration this proposal will have just from a cost/benefit point of view.

Btw, I’m against caps in high sec.