[Capship Whine Solution] Gate Ratings and Safe Spaces

So bored of hearing all the entitled crybaby snowflake capship haters scream on and on in their attempts to nerf ships and playstyles they don’t like out of the game, so I’d like to try to think of anything just to shut them up. At any rate, It appears that much of the hate-infused whinefest is coming from so-called ‘nano-gang’ low-sec people. So this solution is directed at them.

I propose that all jump gates in Eve have a gate rating, indicating the heaviest ship the gate can handle. A ship could only jump through a gate rated to handle its weight. Lore-wise and physics-wise, this can be imagined as a gate needing to use energy to jump, warp, or gate a ship, and the heavier the ship, the more energy needed. Naturally, in such a universe, you’d have a mix of gates - lighter gates only capable of handling smaller ships, and very heavy gates capable of handling the heaviest ships.

I propose that all highsec gates be light gates, which would be in keeping with the current mechanic of capships not allowed in highsec. I propose that all nullsec gates be heavy gates, allowing any kind of ship to pass. And I propose that lowsec be divided into a mix of light and heavy gates. This would mean that some parts of lowsec would be [mostly?] capship free, and the nano-gangs could roam there to their heart’s content and never worry about running into a ship they hate. So, sort of like ‘safe spaces’ on college campuses nowadays, lowsec nano-gang people could have their safe space free from anything that offends their delicate sensibilities.

One issue would be cynos in lowsec systems with only light gate access. I propose that cyno-jammers be the nano-gang’s defense here, but that might put too much onus on the nano-gangers, and I might be expecting too much of them (so maybe just ban cynos there?). Another issue would be someone who decides to build a capship in such a system with only light gate access. My bias would be to say “just let it happen.” The ship would be trapped there unless it managed to cyno out, and it would be at least potentially vulnerable. But again, I’m not sure that the delicate little snowflakes who are offended by capships could handle the possibility that they could potentially at some point have to come face-to-face with a capship. So, I’m open to other suggestions here on how to handle it. I dislike ‘contrived’ solutions like ‘capships just can’t be built there,’ but that might be the only way to solve it.


Freighters. Orcas.

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Show us were the snowflakes touched and made you freeze burns…

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Always someone has to spoil a good idea

If you actually pay attention to what has been written in Capitals and Low-Sec: An abusive relationship , then you’d see that I already suggested that caps should just be abolished or limited in their ability to move in Low sec.

I love it, especially since they nerfed the hauler station scam.

Now we can make contracts that can’t get though the gate :skull:

-1 terrible idea that is way to broad an impact for the issue it is trying to solve.

If these ships REALLY ARE an issue in low sec then just make them banned in empire=true, reuse and existing mechanic and not hose gates.

I agree. Nice to see someone that thinks.
That would also make for more competition for Null sec.

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