Gate Jammers

let us jam outgoing traffic

… or incoming traffic? :spicy:


I like it. what would be cool is instead of just the ability to conquer sov, granting the players the ability to hack or some how conquer the normal gates in nullsec meaning alliances using their own jump networks and system cyno’s would become much more of a necessity in terms of movement. it could also mean causing traffic delays for enemy fleets who did not simply cyno in and allowing longer response times for fleet, meaning better battles.

my thinking is “you control the sov. but i control the gate!” this would make for interesting skirmishes and intense and possibly consistant small fleet battles.

expanding on my comments I like the idea of the gates only being able to be hacked like this if the sov is owned by someone you’re at war with (to prevent excessiveness of players just running around owning all structures)

Also if that were the case having vulnerability timers this way a battle for dominance / ownership can occur without actual gate destruction being a factor.


As a concept, I like it. CCP has obviously shown us that they’re okay with fiddling with the map, so why not make it more of a normal part of game mechanics?

The details need to be worked out obviously. Something like this implemented improperly would be a nightmare.

+1/2. It’s a concept, but whether it’s good or not depends on the details, which are totally lacking.

Some gates span a much larger distance than jump range meaning that barring the randomness of a wormhole or the lucky filament, you could make an area of space impervious to attack by disabling certain gates.

Wormholes can be collapsed and filaments have limits on numbers meaning massive defense advantage.

No we don’t need more easy mode for defenders.

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Disposable unique generated keys???
See my thread on Trespassing and unique gate key generation.
I thought that mainly for Pve Mission… but it might get a use here??
I don’t know, I haven’t have understood the context well enough here…

That’s a really good point. I hadn’t considered how they could be (ab)used by defenders to wall themselves off from attackers.


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