Player-built stargates in SOV space: more than just jump bridges

SOV-Null intel networks are said to be so good these days, that roams don’t find “content.” I wonder if forced random encounters would spice things up. With this idea, a defense fleet might arrive late, or a roam or freighter could take an unexpected turn.

It is probably not the best idea for known space; players who prefer life a bit more unpredictable jump into a wormhole.

But here it goes: What if the expected jump bridge replacement structure(s) were needed for more reasons than making it easier for SOV holders to quickly traverse their space?

Capsuleers are abandoning the four empire’s technologies and infrastructure, moving more and more business into private Upwell structures. Maintenance of Stargates in the far reaches of space gets harder, as funding is hit by lower tax revenue from Empire corporations.

Stargates in SOV-Null used to be taken for granted, but glitches creep into the system and a 10% chance to wind up somewhere else, without warning, emerges. A gate could randomly connect to some other gate in the region, for a short period of time. (A fleet jumping in the same minute or two would not be scattered.) A 1% chance that the gate would connect to another region entirely.

SOV holders would feel forced to install backup gates to connect all adjacent systems in their regions, in order to ensure reliable travel. These system gates could be fairly inexpensive (~200m ?) and easy for roaming gangs to destroy (~2m HP ? No reinforcement.) They should have at least an hour of online/synchronizing timer between gate pairs, to ensure some use of the “90% reliable” normal gates.

Question #1:

Why do you need to replace gates?

Create a module for large structures (Fortizar, Azbel, Tatara) mounted in high-slot which allows to open a portal to any part of space and Mobile cyno generator. Both of these must be allowed to function only if soveregnty of space match alliance identity of it.

Me personally agree that sov-holders should be able to use space on their own design.

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