Capsuleer Day Question

Does fighting in this event effect your trig (or indeed any other) standings?


If you kill Trig ships as part of the event, your Trig standings will go down, Edencom go up.

Edit: I was originally thinking of this as longer-term content like the original Trig invasion. If that was the case then fighting the NPCs would likely affect standings.

It currently looks like it’s just a short-term event (like Crimson Harvest or Guardian’s Gala). In that case shooting event NPCs may not trigger standings. But since this is the first time we’ve seen this one, we’ll have to wait until someone checks it out and reports back.


I’ve usually seen the opposite happen; your standings with whatever faction aren’t affected by the event sites.

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That’s my experience as well.

Which one is it? I would prefer my standings stay natural for both factions but still run some sites.

The only standings of interest is the security with Concord. They are the real deal and not some hybrid faction.

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it took me a decent amount of time to get my standings as such that i dont have trig or edencom attacking me in systems, i dont want to trash that with some event, it should be made clear in the article if it does or doesnt. Without any CCP confirmation on it, i simply wont bother with the event.