Capsuleer Outfitters looking for a new outfit

What we offer

  • Plenty of fights

  • no blue doughnut

  • small coalition and did we mention plenty of fights

  • small scale to full blown TIDI aids fights

  • Cap escalations and combat

  • a home to grow and flurish in to the GOAT you where always meant to be

What we require

  • thick skinned, nothing we say is PC and if you cant deal with that this wont be the place for you

  • participation on comms and in fleets, were a tightknit group and expect you to immerse yourself in the culture and enjoy being on of the boys

  • self-sufficency, we understand folks need to make isk and will even guide you to the dark side of krabbing but it is not something we strive for

Our discord:

Ingame Pub: Goat Farm

Still looking for an alliance that wants a corp full of hungry pvpers.

To the top, looking for a home to blow… Things up pervert!!!

Bumpity Bump. Looking to add some new quality people to our group.

In-Game Channel Goat Farm.

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