Capsuleers now major source of memes in all major powers

News reaches Gutter Press from the University of Caille where an ongoing study of memes shared on social media has found that capsuleers are now the leading source of memes across all four major powers.

Capsuleer-sourced memes have long been a feature of nullsec social media, with alliance leaders making frequent appearances, along with numerous alliance mascots, such as the “Goonswarm Bee” or the “TEST Dinosaur”.

Capsuleer celebrities in the Federation are popular sources as well, with noted individuals such as Julianus Soter, and Charles Cambridge Schmidt appearing in a variety of meme images, often making them exemplars of style and panache.

In comparison, capsuleer-based memes in the Caldari State feature fewer named individuals, with generic Civire capsuleers being used in a variety of propaganda and subverted propaganda images.

The Minmatar Republic has seen a great spike in the popularity of capsuleer-derived memes, following recent events such as the attack on Sundsele. Several prominent capsuleer commentators have since appeared in memes, as avid IGS readers pick up on past statements by those prominent capsuleers, including apparent endorsements of traditional hallucinogen usage, which has alarmed other Minmatar social media commentators.

The surprise result was that in the Amarr Empire, capsuleers are now equal to Holders in their prevalence in social media memes. Some analysts attribute this to the actions of several recently ennobled capsuleers, which have been widely covered in Imperial news outlets.

Data on memes from the Jovian Empire was not available.

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Welcome back, Muck Raker!

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Honestly I’d like to thank the academy (for nothing) and my wife (for everything) as well as hoping I can get an autographed close-up of Roden’s jaw. Thank you everyone.

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For the record, the proper names of these characters are ‘Fatbee’ and ‘Middle Management Dino’.


Null alliances can be so weird sometimes.


What? Fatbee is, well, a fat bee! The name fits perfectly well. :stuck_out_tongue:

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The bee is a strange choice to represent such a powerful group.

The management dinosaur is weirder, though.

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My understanding of it was TEST wanted something to convey ‘as absolutely useless and incompetent as possible’.

And the bee is the perfect choice to represent Goonswarm. Individually, we’re nothing. Minor annoyances at most. But together, in numbers, with central coordination and direction, operating in concert with each part of the swarm performing its duties for the benefit of the whole… that is where the strength arises.

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I mean, I get the logic of a bee, but why does it look like a villain from children’s Saturday morning holos?

In regards to the management dinosaur that just makes it weirder. Why do they want something pointless to represent them? With the bee, the meaning of the logo makes sense to me and my dislike of it is purely from a design standpoint, but the dinosaur doesn’t even make sense to me.

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I am not surprised by the findings of this report.

I hear that the more controversial capsuleers get holoreels made about them.

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So do the most revered.

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Oh, the “it’s not drugs if it’s trad” one?

I find it hilarious, to be honest.

And I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Vherokior apothecary, who wishes to remain anonymous and out of the public eye, but without whom I’d likely not be sane, or even alive, today.


Cuz goons are bad at art, too.

Well. Kinda. I mean, it does also allow for some characterization for when we want to highlight our sub-orgs. For example:

Our strategic logistics group:

The Goonswarm Advanced Research Projects Agency (GARPA), makers of such fine tools as the GARPA Topographical Survey (GTS, but more commonly just called ‘Garpa’):



HealTeamSix (Force Auxiliaries):

Reavers (but they don’t really exist):

Corps Diplomatique:

Our Incursions SIG:

The Finance Team:



WarrAkini’s personal bee (the One True Leader of Miniluv):

And so on.


That was just expectable.

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Wow, that was… a lot more bee characters than I expected.

Thank you for sharing.

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Truly, you might live on longer than the rest of us.


We’d have to ask the people who designed the logos in the first place, but I’m reasonably certain that their motivations included making straightlaced government functionaries saying things like “Clusterfuck Coalition” and “State of the Goonion” in complete and utter seriousness.

How difficult and/or offensive must it be for them to treat people who behave like that with anything approaching seriousness? We’ve got four empires, all with storied and revered traditions and histories of varying lengths, and now they have to deal with people who hold nothing sacred, refuse to take anything seriously, and regularly obliterate one another through the use of weapons ranging from nuclear autocannons to highly advanced space-time weaponry out of pure, undisguised boredom.

I mean, can you just imagine what it feels like for the people whose job is to deal with these lunatics on a regular basis? They probably have the hardest-working livers in the galaxy…


Nope. I absolutely cannot imagine what it’s like.


It’s probably a little like being a clerk in some ancient city-state dealing with a bunch of people who come in to trade with their teeth filed down to points, casually-carried weapons they plainly know how to use, and a lot of colorful hints about what they’re going to do to your family if you try to cheat them (and maybe a couple intimations that “cheating” is something they’ll judge strictly by their own standards so this deal better be a good one).

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