Caralacal high sec ded hunting

I’m a fairly new player, have done some exploring with 100 mil in wallet.
Question is, is the caracal a good start for ded hunting in high sec?
Because a rupture might be better to do that but I have trained for the caracal for along time now(including weapons) if I were to train for the culture, then it would take 6 months roughly.


I can’t unsee the title :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah sure, Caracal is good for up to lvl4. Missile ships are generally good in PvE.

It works fine in low sec too, caracal is the first cruiser I used for DEDs and unrated sites back when I started in low sec. It’s cheap, and can run the easier sites, just avoid 5/10 and up.

Make sure you move away from the warp-in point quickly… if you slack off and miss a pirate showing up on local/d-scan you’ll still have plenty of warning when he enters your site and has to burn towards you.

Caracal is a good cruiser. It can be omni-tanked and do omni-dammage. Excellent for DED complexes. But yes, avoid anything 5 and above.

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It’s a great choice. So many solid pve ships are missile and shield focused and I’d say the Caracal is a great entry

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I’d say that, because I neglected the skilling of missiles in that phase. But as you say you train missiles, do missile boats and just try. I preferred the Vexor btw.
What I want to say: Because of skillset and playstyle, every player has different approaches, so there is no perfect solution.

caracal is a good choice. missiles are very good for pve since you can select damage type against enemies and target their weakness. the skills for the caracal also overlap with the gila, which is a super-popular PVE ship.

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