Career Agent Missions with Aura Assistance drops FPS to slideshow levels

Any mission that has the Aura assistance baked into the UI when doing career agent missions (highlighting of objects, commands buttons, etc. with Aura dialog windows) cause the frame rate to drop to the point where it’s basically a slideshow. Someone in the in-game chat said to disable Direct x12, but it was already unchecked in the launcher. This isn’t a graphics issue. Even on performance settings with PS1 graphics it has the same framerate drop.

Is there a way to disable the Aura assistance?

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I highlighted this months ago, but was of course ignored.

I realise that they are trying (excessively in my view) to hold the hand of new players, but:

a) there must be a graphical solution that does not kill the game’s performance - the old non flashing, no blue dialogue boxes were just as clear and did not noticeably interfere with the game; and

b) killing performance for new players is really, really, really stupid. If I had experienced the Career Agent Aura performance problem when I first started Eve, I would have quit.

I have found that closing/minimizing the mission sidebar (not sure what to call this stuff) removes the Aura Assistance and restores normal framerate. Just open it if you need it for something, like warping to a mission location, and then close it again.

Irrelevant, because as a very experienced player, I can cope with it. A new player cannot, and they are the people who will be driven away by this. One can hardly expect new players to close down the idiotic feature that has been installed supposedly to help them.

There is only one sensible course of action, and that is for CCP to do their job properly and either get rid of this feature, or design it so that it does not bring the game client to its knees.

The real shame is that @Mike_Azariah did so much good work to improve the new player experience, but during his year off CSM, his efforts have been wrecked. Witness my complaint in the current feedback channel that suddenly the fourth mission of the Career Agent Producer sequence will not allow you to warp to the mining site unless you have stripped out one of your mining lasers from the Venture and fitted a gun, whereas even the newest player quickly realised the best way to do the mission was to have a drone or two, and two mining lasers. Now Aura just says NOOOO!

I’m not implying they should not fix it. I’m just pointing out there is a way to avoid it. And I’m sure new players can cope with minimizing the mission tab while in space and only opening it if they need to because they have gone without such Aura assistance in career agent missions for two decades.

But who is going to tell them?

They are a new player. This hits them right from the start of the tutorial, even before they get to the career agents. They will assume that the abysmal frame rate, whenever the light blue highlighting is running, is what Eve is like, and will turn away from the game. They are certainly not going to come on here…

They figure it out just like I did.

This new stuff is new to me too. Even when Aura wants you to fit a gun to a miner, you can still do the mission regardless. The mission locations are in Locations under Agent Missions. Alternatively, you can manually scan the stars and find the bright cyan mission location icon in space. Again, the lag is seriously bad if you leave the mission tab open and needs to be fixed. All I’m saying is that people can figure these work arounds out. I did.

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